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Good morning, i download some of your mobile phone supports with cars, i really like them. I'd like to know if you can make GOLF 2, it would be for a gift.
Thank you

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Hello thank you very much

For the moment I don't have much time to do it, but I will do it in 6 months

Thanks again

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Ok, thank you for the answer

Hola buenas tardes, hace poco compre este modelo: ( ).
Quede completamente decepcionado cuando lo importe al laminador para imprimirlo. Se puede ver a simple vista que es un modelo completamente distinto a las fotos de la publicación:
Las ruedas no son completamente redondas. El diseño de la rueda de atras es distinto. En la foto de la publicación se muestra como si se imprimieran solo los perímetros (que es lo que me gusto del modelo por eso la compre) pero en el modelo que se importa al laminador es relleno y cuando lo imprimí queda muy burdo.
Espero que haya sido un error de publicación y no pretendan engañar a la gente mostrando una cosa y publicando otra.
Desde ya muchas gracias, quedo a la espera de la actualización de la publicación o el reembolso de mi dinero.
Espero su respuesta.

Buenos dias

es el mismo modelo 3d que en la imagen...

el diseño se hace así...
la rugosidad se debe a las capas de impresiones.

Deliberadamente hice las ruedas redondas, da un efecto.

Hi :-), thanks for downloading Porsche 993 Flat Six engine !!

my latest project: PAGANI ZONDA F - ENGINE

CORVETTE LS3 - ENGINE is coming :-)

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Thanks for your purchase FERRARI F40 :-)
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Thanks for your purchase :-)
Follow me on Cults3d to see my 3d designs !!!

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my latest project: FERRARI 250 GTO - ENGINE

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hi do u have the caterham with long fenders and a roof

Sorry I didn't do the catheram with the roof

hey there i downloaded and printed the interior for the traxxas trx4 was wondering how did you mount it?


I glued it with hot glue inside the bodywork

Dear Sir, we are interested in your great 3D models. We are 3D printers based in Italy and we have a shop online selling 3d printed planters only on order- We would kindly ask your permission to use your model to create and sell 3D printed items derived from your models. We will put in our description your name and links as the owner of the model Copyright. Thank you for your attention,


No possible sorry

Can you make a Traktor Phone stand design please? my father in law is a farmer and would be so happy if i could print him one


Is possible next time ;) (April ....)

Could I use the ps5 storage 3D printer and sell it??


Sorry no storage printer for ps5

he comprado el achivo e impreso con los parametros indicados, pero las medidas de los calsos para los juegos estan mal hechos, son mas pequeños que los estuches de los juegos

Buenos dias,

Debe haber un error, intente aumentar la escala de impresión, (el error es posible dependiendo del grosor dado a la impresión y el tipo de filamento)

bonjour , il manque un fichier

Bonjour, je vais regarder et rectifier


Hi, sure? The Folder i've downloaded, has Only part1 with pslogos anders part 1 without the square,circle etc. No part 2 Inside the folder

yes I sure

Hi, sure? The Folder i've downloaded, has Only part1 with pslogos anders part 1 without the square,circle etc. No part 2 Inside the folder

yes i sure


La part2 est présente, (erreur de ma part, je l'ai nommé: "Part1 SUPPORT CASQUE.stl " )

Part 2: Part1 SUPPORT CASQUE.stl

hello can i sell the printed version of your switch model?

No sorry

Hello, I was wondering what happened with the astrobot 3d prints that you had on your store? Thank you.

not in my store sorry

Do you have any pictures of your xbox logo printed? I am interested but would like to see what it looks like after being printed instead of just the stl. Thank you!


No I'm sorry, I don't have a photo price for the support ....

Hi there,,

I have a 3D printing workshop in Oman and I am impressed with some of your designs so I am just wondering If I buy any of your designs, is it good to sell 3D printed models of your design on my little shop??

Kind regards,


Yes you can

Thanks :)

Would the interior for the defender also fit for a trx6 mercedes amg 6x6 and how do you place it

Bonjour, je ne peut pas vous garantir qu'il soit compatible, je n'ai jamais essayé (peut être en le recoupant.... et en ajustant)

est ce que vous auriez un support manettes pour ps4 ou on peut fixer le câble de recharge pour simplement poser la manette sans toucher au câble ? merci ( j'espère mettre bien exprimer désoler )


Non désolé je n'ai pas réalisé cela

Bonjour j'ai acheter le "SUPPORT CASQUE AUDIO PS5 - PLAYSTATION - PS5 AUDIO HEADSET SUPPORT" qu'elle genre de support sur CURA avez vous utilisez pour de meilleure performance ?! j'ai tenter 2 impressions et aucun succès :'(

Bonjour, j'ai mis des supports à 45° et assez rapprochés

May I purchase an print as well as sell to my local rc community


It is normal that it is thicker, it is to give relief.

It looks great on the PS5

i purchased the symbol for ps5 but the trangle is thicker than the rest is there anyway you can change this please so all symbols are the same as it looks way to thick compared