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Bonne impression

Hey There!
I'm attempting to print your mini golf holes but I'm having trouble with the tee box. Do you have tee boxes with higher tolerances?
Thanks in advance!

Hola el Fossil Box XL también tiene el STL de llavero o solo el de la caja?

Sin problema, se imprime sin soporte y en una ender 3 tienes espacio de sobras:)

Hola la fósil box XL la podré imprimir en una ender 3 pro?

Great I'm happy to see you found a solution. Let me know if you have any other problem with the design;)

Nevermind! You're right. I just set the model flat in proper orientation and it did indeed print without supports!

Hey I bought your Animal Crossing Fossil Box STL... I'm confused... it says no supports... when I open the STL it is vertical and no way that won't collapse right? If I lay it flat, it still looks like building the top of the box part will not work without supports? I'm still kind of new to 3D printing. Am I missing something?