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Follow me on Cults3d to see my 3d designs !!!
💥💥👉 Everyday I upload new designs and once a week I also upload a free to download design.

👇 You can follow me here...

Hey Vito,
I was interesting in printing and selling your design in my store on Etsy, I just wanted to verify if that is ok with you.

Many Thanks

Hi Vito Stafford, if they are allowed to use the photographs for advertising purposes; however, the models are registered under the noncommercial - non-derivative legend. I invite you to contact me by email so that you can examine my distribution terms and permissions.

Hello Jose, we liked your products. You are an amazing designer. We would like to produce and sell some of them. -of course after buying each of them- do you mind if we use your pictures? If you accept we will be so happy my friend. Thanks in advance :) best regards.

Hi PPUTTIFER256, I sent you an email. Please check it.

Hey, Deftoner, thanks a lot for unloading my pots. Email me at so I can send you the files you need without the holes.

¡Gracias a ti! Saludos desde México.

Hello there! I purchased your plants pod, first the large thinking that included both designs then the other design :)

Can I ask you for a request? can you make a version without the holes? I plan to use these pods for indoor. And I was writing in english y tu eres de mexico!! hahaha

Gracias por todo, abrazo desde la florida!

Hey, Your designs are really nice. You are really excellent designer. I wish i can get your email info!, hope I'll be in contact with you.

Hi is the Simple Loft Vase Large a solid model so you can print it in vase mode? Thanks!

Hey !

Your Deer lamp looks great. In the description it's written that "FREE FOR NOW!! until the model evolves to its second version" but we have to pay to download...

I'm a beginner and I really what to try to print the lamp to offer to my mum !