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Thank you for the like 👍😉

Hi,just downloaded your among us sitting on sofa,but i am a nube,
does it need supports?can you tell me any other settings?
great model if i can get it to print thanks.

Merci pour le suivi

the egg surprise -- both parts are grouped and the shell is hanging in the air. The shell is not hollow -- it has a bottom layers. Please ungroup the egg into two parts (stl) and make the shell hollow.

Hola! ahora lo arregle, estaba la caja cerrada.
Cualquier cosa avisame! saludos

la caja de bpmbones que me han enviado no se corresponde con lo anunciado.
Siendo varias piezas, me han enviado un bloque que no tiene ningun parecido con una caja.
Espero sus noticias para resolver este inconveniente

Hi! Yes, sorry
I'm going to do stl

Hi I bought the baby yoda keychain pink but i dont have 3dmax can you make it STL or OBj thanks