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Buenas tardes e comprado uno de sus cortadores el cortador de arcilla polimérica y no puedo imprimirlo, primero vienen todos juntos de pie y uno toca el suelo y los demás no por lo que la impresora no me los hace bien, podría ponerlos tumbados o enviármelos de uno en uno, es que si los tumbo pasa igual unos tocan el suelo y otros no.

Hola que tal? Lo siento, prueba ahora, los separè individuales

hola amigo, mira compre el del chupetin y no me hace los agujeros ?

Hola! no le aparecen los agujeros en el modelo?

En que programa lo abrio?

Hola, he comprado el archivo de bolas de billar y al meterlo en el cura sale una imagen extraña. necesito hacer la bola blanca, gracias

Hola! actualicè los archivos por separado, prueba ahora si te deja verlos. Saludoss !

Hello, i love the designs but i'm having a small issue, i'm not that much into 3d printing so i don't know much, and i'm having a friend of mine printing them for me, but when he's trying to slice the model for print the result is a little messy(there are empty spaces, and a little weird geometry in some places), and he asked me if you could tell in which software did you make and export the file, or if there is a way to slice the file to have a better result.

This are the pictures of the slices so you have an idea what I'm talking about.

Hello ! I made them in blender, and exported them as STL. Maybe it has too many polygons, can I redesign it, what do you mean by cutting the model? regards

Not cutting but slicing, the software Prusa Slicer, is used to make the model into a g-code file that you load in the printer. But for some reason the file acts weird in this software.

does not allow you to print it with Cura? I think it does slice automatically

Thank you.

Thank you.

are the sizes also available individually? It's kind of annoying to always have to create the respective size in the slicer with the bodies to be subtracted. And then the sizes are not even flush on the printing plate. But judging by the comments, you don't seem to want to change anything about the problem.

Hello! I separated the individual files. I laid them horizontally. Sorry for the delay, I also reimbursed you for making you wait.

i didn't understand this : "And then the sizes are not even flush on the printing plate"

Hi, I purchased 3 of your polymer cutter designs and I love the designs, however I only want to be able to print on size and they all seem to be grouped together. Also the one called untitled is standing up and not flat to print, are you able to change this file so it's lying down flat with the cutter part facing up. The file pack also if I can have the designs as separate files so I can print them separately and resize them. I thought this was how they would have come but they didn't. Sorry. Thankyou,

If you could make the files separate and not all the sizes in one grouped file, or just one design per file and I can resize it in Makerbot.

Sorry same with the CristinaUY file, the design is standing up and not flat on the print bed so I cannot print it that way, the file will need to be lying flat with the cutter side facing up. Please let me know if you can redo these files for me, if not I am happy til a refund. Thanks

One last thing, you need to set the files at larger sizes, like starting size to be 60mm or so, they are far too tiny as you have designed them. Just some feedback, thanks

Hello!!, I separated the stl and increased their sizes + 60mm. try it now

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I also changed his position

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Wonderful, they seem to have worked. The size still wasn't right as when I loaded it MakerBot I had to rescale it to the correct size of approx 60mm (6cm in length). Thanks for re position it to lying down, made it much easier to print this way. I can send you some photos once I use them on my polymer that I'd be happy for you to show online so people can see the result. Where can I email photos to? Thanks again, you designs a on par and very modern. :)

Thank you very much! you can upload them on the page as a make
Ahh I thought you needed an approximate size

Hi, I recenlty bought 2 kinds of polymer clay cutters, but is it possible to declutter the file? I have all the sizes in 1 file and I don't want to print all the sizes at once. And the other file, as soon as I open it in Cura I get an message what says it has rescaled the file a 10000x times. Is there any way you could help me?

Thank you in advance.

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Hello, I updated the models. I didn't understand the last one, it won't let you open it because I scaled it 1000 times?

Hi, thank you very much. The last one is opening, but it scales up. So my cura makes it a lot bigger than it should be. I have tries the new files but that one has the same problem, both of them. I think the person above me has the same problem.

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Hello, maybe it's because I made them very small. I enlarged their size, they have a minimum of 60 mm

Hi, thank you! I have printed out the first one, but the inner and outerlines are the same heigth so there is no imprint. And also the innerlines are not the same size. If using polymer clay, you will get inconsistencies and not an imprint as you use this cutter. I havent printed out the second one yet, but I was hoping to help you with this little advice :)

Yes that is the one, and no problem! I really like the model though!

Hi, I bought the tulip drop dangle set and it’s extremely tiny and not useable as clay earring cutters. Is there anyway you can resize them so I can use them as clay cutters? Thank you so much!

Hello! Did I solve your problem? Do you need a refund?

Hi, I bought the embossed leaf files but when I upload them in Cura they are way too big? Some of the files are showing as corrupt as well they wont let me upload them and I when I try it again the sizing is really big?

Hi, it's my mistake, sorry. in a while I update the sizes, it is that it had the measure in meters

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Ahh that's why haha thank you. Can I just download them again when you have updated them? Or do I need to do something else? Thank you :)

Hello, it has to allow you to download it without having to buy it again. Now I updated the sizes, try downloading them

The size looks good but the files try and print standing up instead of laying flat?

oops, now i changed the position

try now

That looks great I will try and print now. Thank you :)

Ok so I just tried to print and they are not printing as full cutters they are just printing as a flat shape?

hello I did not understand, you mean the inside edge?

No I mean it literally just prints without edges like a flat shape. When I slice it it comes up as a 5 minute print. It doesn't print like a normal 3d cutter it prints the base and that's it?

maybe I should thicken the edges send me a photo to this email please

Ok I have just emailed you with a picture

hello, did i solve your problem?

I would like the largest size to be 45mm long, and then reduce sizes from there please. Maybe 35mm, 30mm, 25mm etc.
Can I private message you with my Paypal info? I can not get your message icon to work.

It's weird, because really the largest model measures approximately 40mm. I have updated the model many times, did you try to download the stl again? (has to allow you to download it without buying)

hello, did i solve your problem?

When I download it on Creality, it is huge. Then when I reduce the size, it doesn’t print correctly. I don’t understand why. Could I please get a refund?

what size do you need?

yes, you can get a refund, send me your paypal email

hello, did i solve your problem?

that model has a size of 40 mm maximum. the largest measures that

The designs are HUGE and way too large for earrings. Can you please resize them to a reasonable size?
Thank you

what design are you referring to? send me the link please

hola. compre set de cortadores de arcilla polimerica 3 y no vienen todas las piezas a la misma altura para poder imprimir bien. gracias

Hola, prueba ahora

Buenas tardes, he comprado su diseño de cortador y al abrirlo con el cura me dice que no esta bien el diseño esta fuera de la placa. Por favor me dice como se soluciona para poder imprimirlo, gracias.

Hola, que raro . Ahora lo reviso y te escribo

Hola modjrr, actualice los modelos que descargaste. Ajuste los tamaños porque estaban muy grandes, tal vez por eso estaba fuera de la placa. Dime si ahora te deja ajustarlo

el modelo curvo si, pero el otro no aparece en el cults sale vacio.

cual de los dos? enviame el link porfavor

cual de los dos? enviame el link porfavor

Hola, en la actualización de este cortador es el que no aparece nada.

Hola, que raro , con mi visor 3d se ve.
Lo exporte de nuevo y los separe uno por uno, tal vez asi te deje verlos

Ahora si salen algunos y yo cambio el tamaño. Del otro modelo que compre me lo puedes poner tambien por separado por favor.

Muchas gracias, un saludo.

Buonasera, ho acquistato il file oltre plants e il file è vuoto.

Ciao scusa quando torno a casa lo aggiusto

Ciao, ho controllato il modello e contiene le piante. Ma ora ho aggiunto un'altra versione, dimmi se te lo fa vedere

I can send you pictures of them sliced in Cura. There are cutters floating off the bed.

Can you ungroup the files into 6 individual files instead of 1 group file?

the sale has been refunded

Hi ! Nice things after buying digital files, may I sell a 3D printed version from you?#

Hi! Yes You can

Hi, i recently purchased the set of 5 polymer clay cutter that you designed, when my friend went to make them for me the models were corrupt and sections missing.
the sizes weren't working either. He managed to fix it but i think you might need to look into it as well.
cheers Deb

hello, I increased the size of the files, the file is called "untitled"

I also separated the individual files, maybe that's why they were corrupted

hi, thanks for getting back to me. i will send the file to my friend and get back to you asap.
thanks again, Deb

hi, he just tried them again and parts are missing from the design. i will email you a pic as i can't send it on here.

i can't send the pics to the link on your profile, but even with the single ones of each cutter, the walls are missing or have gaps.
The issue now is the walls are defined as too thin to be printable. I can force my printer to try and print them but they will be flimsy and break easily.
Ideally they need to be 2 perimeters thick... So 0.8mm thick

Hello,please send me the photos to this email:

Any luck ?

si, ya lo actualizo

I already separated them individually and changed their sizes, it should allow you to download it without buying it again

Thank you so much! I realize I have a similar problem with this purchase as well, can you please fix the files for this too?

Also, I have tried the individual sizes of the first listing you have separated, and they are still too enormous. The file opens (I use Kcura ultimaker) with them standing up on their edge (and when I lay them flat on the bed they are too big still). None of them can be used unless sized down much further - and when I size them down to an earring size, the integrity of the walls don't work and the printer begins to issue filament into thin air. I really appreciate you looking into this.

Now they are way too small, tiny like my fingernails. I just need them to be normal size!

If it is helpful, the standard sizing for earring cutters is between 20-45mm range. With the latest changes, the ones you have are now micro cutters.

when i get home i change it

I already updated it, use that approximate measurement in mm. but I don't know why it appears smaller, I did it in blender. I will put photos of the measures that I use

I need the files separated and not huge as well. They aren't printing because some of the models are higher than others. It is a whole mess.

send me your paypal email please to refund the money

hola es una sola pieza o es una caja?

Hola a qué modelo se refiere ?

Buenas tardes, ayer durante la tarde compre este archivo, pero el modelo viene en un tamaño enano, podrá verificar el archivo o la configuración para yo ajustarlo en el Cura sin perder el formato de corte, ya que intente ampliarlo y se desproporciona totalmente dejando los cortes demasiados gruesos. Saludos

Buenas tardes ! Si claro ahora aumento el tamaño, que archivo compraste ?

Imprimi uno, pero no trae el borde cortante, queda solo como marcador, si es posible modificar ese detalle. Gracias

Te refieres al grosor? necesitas que sea mas grueso el borde?

Hi Christina! I purchased a flower pack design from you and the file name is a.stl. When I downloaded it and opened it in cura the size was tiny tiny and they where placed on their sides. Is there anyway that you can resize these and lay them flat on the base? I have tried everything to adjust them and have had no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much! Ps. The cutter file has now been removed, otherwise I would link it. :)

Hello! I'll update it tomorrow and send you a message. what size do you need? Greetings

Hi jaimejo! the file is ready, please send me your email and I'll send you the stl