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Hi! Thank you for your purchase!:) Unfortunately, I can't say about print settings, because I make models but do not print myself. Anyway, you should orient each blade's section in a vertical position.


I just bought ichigo's sword. Can you lease share some more info about the print settings of ichigo's sword ? What layer height should i use ? How much infill ? Infill pattern ? Best filament type PLA PETG ? How many perimeters ? should the part be printed as imported ? Any info would be appreciated.

Hi! Unfortunately no, there is information about max length of the part - 350 mm

Hi, is it possible for you ichigo sword to be printed on a prusa with max build volume of 220mmX220mmx180mm. Will there be any issues if i further cut your model ? Also how much filament it needs ?

Yes, there is STL_parts archive. I am glad you like it:)

Hi, I would like to ask if the files for the Klingon Assassin Rifle are stl. files? btw it looks great.

Hi! Some time before I've made a model in 1:1 scale. You can see it here Then I've decided to scale in 1:12 and remade some parts for printing. I did not think that companies can scale in other way and not correct sizes.

Hi, do you think that your Bat-Pod will fit a Mezco Batman figure? I know it's in 1/12 scale, but different companies approach the scale differently.

Hi! The scale is 1:25, but you can scale it and make it size what you need

Hi, what scale is the DIECAST MODEL V8 ENGINE WITH DOUBLE SUPERCHARGER in? thank you

Hey I bought the boba S2 jet pack a couple weeks back and im wondering if you had the file for the correct rocket that boba had on when he wore it in s2. The rocket in the model is from when Cobb Vanth was wearing it. when boba has it on his rocket is back to normal.

Hello, I would like to buy your Mac model for blade movie. But I will need to make some modifications for my purpose, if I purchase it from you can you send me the design files, not just the .stl for 3D printing. I would need step file so I can work on fusion 360

Season 2 of the one Buck mainly used is on there too. Noticed the tip is shaped little different.

Thank you for your links, but I think there is not enough for modelling. Now I did not find enough information to make close 3D to screen used weapon.

Hi! Thank you! I am glad that you like my work:) Can you send me or give me please a link to see these exact guns.

Love your stuff! Already see some things I plan on buying. Was wondering is there any chance you could make the two different guns from the Buck Rogers tv show? I've actually seen stl files for one, but no way to actually buy them. You have to pay to have it printed, as I just recently got a 3D printer I'd rather do it myself, well thanks either way.

thank you

Hi. do you have a bipod for dtl 19x rifle?

Hi! I am glad that you like my models. Unfortunately, this model is old and do not split into parts as my new models

Hey man. I have a few questions about the Lawgiver file. How many pieces are there in total? Is the model already split and keyed for resin printers? Is the model hollow for wiring installation? Thank you in advance. Love the model

Thank you for your suggestions.

Do you allow the sale of completed, painted prints of your files? I have a friend who would like me to print, build, paint and sell to her?

Hi! I was notified about your uploads, but I do not see images too. Maybe need some time. Thanks for your prints:)

Just uploaded a couple of makes for Mandalorian Blaster and Varon-T Disruptor, printed in resin. Your files, as always are MIRACULOUS, so easy to work with. Tolerances are amazing. Please let me know what you think. I cannot see the photos yet (not sure if they have to be approved first) but hopefully they will show up. Would love to see you do the RayGun Mark-I from Call of Duty and more Star Trek/Wars!! Thank you again!

Hi! Thank you for your purchase! I think it is better to print body's big parts in vertical position. I did not splited these big parts, because I did't want to have split line. I think they should be printed as one pieces

I bought the STL files for The Great White Shark phaser yesterday.Do you have any recommendations for printing out the larger pieces? I have an AnyCubic i3 Mega and a Elegoo Mars Pro. Thanks.

Hi ! I bought the tunnels set 2.
Is there a way I can get the STL files to be separated so I don't have to print every size twice ? Thank you.

Hi! I did not print it, but I think the model is printable (orientation, support are technology, not modelling). And I did not make the flat bottom, because the original dagger does not have flat.

I printed the ETI Akula dagger vertically, using a raft, and it still fell over. Have you actually verified this design is printable? Would it be possible to make the blade flat bottomed, so it could be printed flat? Thanks

Hi! Thank you for your purchase! I think you should print it in a vertical position, not laying on the table

Hello, I purchased your ETI Akula dagger. I'm having trouble printing it. I tried printing it laying down, and I get stringing and curling on the underside of the blade. I tried using supports under the blade, and still have issues. Should I print it standing up? With supports? I have an Ender 3 Pro with regular PLA. Thanks

Do you allow selling of 3D prints of your beskar spear from the Mandalorian?

Hi! The parts were made in CAD software SolidWorks and do not have low-poly version (it was just exported in STL fromSolidWorks). Sorry, but the cables are not included, because they anyway will not feat to another rifle.

Hi, for the "Cosplay parts for Blaster Rifle DLT-19D", does that come with the cables too?

Do the files include low-poly versions too in case we need to adjust some things?

Hi! The current scale is 1:25 with a wall thickness 2 mm. If you will scale to 1:10, it wall thickness will be 5 mm

can the 79 cadillac be sized to 1:10 scale?

Hello! I do not mint using my images of the Blue flame jet car:)

I like the very good model file

I write a column, "Modeling Matters" for the magazine Fast Facts, the journal of the Speed Record Club of England. This is the 50th anniversary of the Blue Flame setting the speed record to 622 mph and I am doing a special article about all the models of that vehicle that have been produced. I want to include your version in that article. May I use one of the renderings from this website to include in the article? You will receive full credit and the article will include the URL.
Carl Dreher

Hi! Thank you for your purchase!:) I use CAD software SolidWorks and make wall thickness at the beginning (depending on the Scale). Sorry, but I do not know any method to make thickness more at the end

Hi I bought the 72 impala you and it prints great but i sized it down and all the body lines are very faint and I was wondering if there was any technique that you knew that I can do to fix that i use Microsoft 3d builder

Hello, I'm unable to access the files I bought from you.

Hi! Unfortunately, I do not have such instruction. Please, use attached to the project screens with disassembled views

I am willing to buy your design of the D2 MountainTop. however i'll be honest, i'm intimidated by the assembly. Do you have any detailed assembly instructions for this?

I make all my cosplay models in real size. I guess the dimensions from the screens according to the character's height, arm's leng, hand's width, thinformation from the internet, etc.

Question about the Space 1999 gun: Is this supposed to be full scale? I printed a the firing button and a portion of the top and it seems smaller to me than it looked in the series. How did you figure out the dimensions? Thanks.

That will work! Downloaded and thanks!

(I think TinkerCad only allows for stl and obj, and the obj file was larger than the stl, so that was a no-go.) Your split looks perfect. Could you do me another favor and put the two halves in separate files? I suspect the file size was the problem. Thanks!!

Hi. Just purchased and downloaded the Space 1999 stun gun. Is it possible to get the main gun stl split in half? Not sure if it is too big or what, but I'm not able to open it in Tinkercad. I'd like to try to put some simple electronics would like to mess with it a bit. Thanks.


I will take in mind about Call of Duty ray gun:)


To share photos of your 3D prints made from files downloaded on Cults, simply click on the "Upload" button at the top left of the horizontal menu. You will then arrive on this page: You will then have to click on the "Add a make" block. If you are not yet registered on the platform, you will need to create an account, otherwise you will just have to login to your Cults account. Then, you only have to fill in the form by first choosing the 3D file concerned from the drop-down menu, the description of your 3D printing, the settings used, the photos, etc. When all these steps are completed, your make will be online!

Awesome Green Hornet Gas Gun from the 1960's Series! Can you do the Ray Gun from Call of Duty Zombies? I would love to show you photos but not sure how? No one can get this right but I have a feeling you can. I printed (resin), painted and finished your Dolphin phaser from Voyager. It looks amazing...

I think I just made a car payment for you on CG Trader lol. :)
Thanks again.

Wow, yeah...that's amazing. In my cart as we speak. I check your stuff once a week or so, if you end up doing the EC-17 blaster, please send me a message! Would love to see more Star Trek/Star Wars/Potter stuff. :)

Hi! Blaster S-195 already in progress:)

Google drive link is closed and I can't see screens you provided

Just curious if you would be able to model Qi-ra's S-195 blaster from Solo: A Star Wars Story. As always, your stuff is amazing and I have a list of 25 things that I plan on purchasing from you, your designs are GENIUS. Thanks for all your work! - Mike

Thank you! I am glad that you like my works:)
Please, give me some screens to know exactly what do you mean:)

Hey there,
Just wondering if you'd given thought to doing the pistol of the Speeder Bike trooper from Return of the Jedi? I'd love to give you some more cash! :)
Your stuff is AMAZING.


Can you print a 1/25 scale of the Oldsmobile 98 regency please

Hi! I am in vacation now and unfortunately can not help you now...may be in one week

Iron blade

Could you tell me how thick is the blade?

Thanks you for your purchase!
Please, write me your email and I will sent all files

I just bought Your file"Compression Phaser Rifle from Star Trek Voyager " but the files are demage, and I cannot open it.
any help?

Ok well can you do the shell

Unfortunately, in my models, I make only the shell without interior

1971 and 1973 Chevy Impala convertible and hardtop with interior

Hi!) I think about 25-35$ and if I can upload it to my shop too. Also it depends of body surface complexity

Hi just wanted to know if you would model some cars for me and if so how much

Hi I bought you file for the Princess Leia ROTJ blaster , but I can’t get the file to open half of it fails to open and it it does and I try to load on my printer it crashes ?? Cheers

Do the print files for Pokeball 2 come with supports?

Unfortunately, I am not going to model this rifle. It is already exist. Please, try to write this man and ask about it

Anything else. Are there chances that they will model the Star Trek Discovery rifle? Thank you

Hi! Thanks for your purchase! Please, send me your email and I will send an archive with 3D files

Hi. I bought the files to build Compression Phaser Rifle from Star Trek Voyager low but buggy. It has a size of 160 Mb, but when it reaches 45 Mb, it ends and I cannot open it, marking that there is an error. Can you help me? The purchase was made with the credit card of my friend Silvana Macedo. Thank you.

The button does not open. There is not any mechanism inside. Please, take a look all attached to the project photos. Button part has an outer diameter 28mm

Which one do you mean? Please, send me a link here

And also, does the Button on Pokeball 2 make the Pokeball open? And what are the dimensions of the button? I want to put a button light on it.

I plan on buying this soon so are there any plans of taking the pokeball products off?

Hi! Here is a collection of my batarangs too. Please, take a look

Hello, I am looking to collect ALL of your Batarang designs. Is there a special price for all of them rather than buying each one individually? thanks!

HI could you help make your SE14R scope as a one piece so I could print out as a one piece :)

I m french , thank you so much for the files, your model is the best I see , I think buy it soon ;)

Hy from Belgium, thx U for the great job on the Blaster E 11, it still to buy ? just a question, this is just the model i m looking for. It's possible to have one piece of the model to try and see if my ender 3 can print with good quality this model ? its before to send 39$ :) thank you and sorry for my bad english

Thank you so much!

Thanks so much for your generosity! However, I am looking for the grip files for the Cara Dune blaster pistol, not the heavy blaster.

Would you sell just the grip file from your Cara Dune blaster separately? I don't need the whole file kit.

Hello! No problem) I do not mind if someone sale my printed models)

Do your files permit commercial sales? I offer solid wood components for other props and have been asked if I can make wood grips for one of your blasters.

Hello! The length of the top white body part is 502 mm. I did not divide, because there will be the line.

I have a ? what is the max size for the biggest part for \Phaser rifle from the movie Star Trek Into darkness/ that u r selling the file for my printer only goes to 290mm.

Hello! Thank you for purchase) This model was prepared only for pistol assembly. For hinges, please, use metal pins with 1mm

Hi, i just bought your golden gun and I love the model. I was just wondering how do you assemble de hinge on the cigarette case? Thanks

Hello! This model does not have a working mechanism, only visible moving parts

Hello does your 1887 lever action shot gun have a functional ejector and reloading action? I see that the lever cycles.

hey hows its going I am going to buy your caprice wagon file but I wanted to know if I could sell the product to some people you derby so they can make derby cars I wanted check

the swords of kill the kill are single files or are already cut to be able to print them

Hi) Sorry for late response. I've fixed the model and made it from parts. Please, take a look at new screens

HI , i'm watching your TRON ID disk. i'd like to see more picture of it. can you open it ? how many piece? i'd like to print each piece full size ( i have 30x30cm) , with transparente external ring in transparent plastic. my goal is to mount light inside.

Hello! Unfortunately, I do not make the interior, it is the only shell. Also there I have a lot of wheel models.

Hello! Sizes are in descriptions. I did not print it. I just sale files

what scale are the pulling tires made for? are they resin or rubber? do you print them or just sell the files

Hi) What wheel do you want to buy and how many models?

I was wondering if you would do a wheels package and if so what price I love you wheels designs great work

you have brilliant stuff. Hopefully I can see Peacemaker both revolver and sword from Wynonna Earp at some point since you did the badge...

Hi) Thanks) Shotgun is like one piece except for cartridges and chamber. I can scale and divide as you want...please, explain to me how you want))

Hi, hope you well. Loving your shotgun design, can it be scaled to 1/12? Are the files slip or is it one print? Can it be split? Wanting handle, bullets split so can print separate? Thanks David

Got it, thank you ^^

after downloading, I will delete the archive

Any way it would fit 300x300x300mm and be able to be assembled with glue or otherwise would be great :)

Hello) Thanks for the purchase. The bow was made in real life sizes in SolidWorks. Please, give me screen how you want to divide the bow and I will separate on parts and sent to you. p.s. there is a night in my time zone, tomorrow I will help you))

Hello, just bought your kindred bow file, I have no idea how to edit it, and it is too big for my printer (creality CR-10s pro), could you possibly divide it into smaller pieces?

wow thank you very much! i love your work
i been looking for this design of engine for a while
cant wait to use it in my model

Thanks) Soon I upload engine model and notice you)

love your work!
i was wondering if it would be possible to buy just the 3d file of the engine from the crazy fiat model.
i want to add this engine to my radio control dragster kit
thank you for your help
please let me know

thank you


There are different files and STL and OBJ too

you files when you download them are they a stl file or what