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Hallo, echt Super der VW Bus.
Ich habe eine Bitte, und zwar habe ich den VW Bus etwas geändert (einen Ausschnitt an der Seite) so das ich ihn als Vogelfutterhaus nutzen kann. Leider kann ich die Fensterahmen im Dach nicht weg bekommen und die Fensteröffnungen verschliessen (es regnet rein wenn der VW Bus draussen steht) . Könnten Sie / Du mir das Dach noch einmal bearbeiten so das es komplett zu ist.
Ich würde mich sehr darüber freuen....und die Vögel auch.

hey dude thanks so much saludos desde mexico !!!!

Just wanted to say you have AMAZING modelling skills & works!

Puedes hacer un son Goku gigante

I'm having trouble making the penguin.. When I start out the supports break right at the arms and i'm not sure what's going on. I have leveled my bed and then used my auto level and don't want to waste all that filliment again.. any help would be appreciated. I use Cura and have an ender 3 max neo.

hey feel free to tell me no......but do you happen to have instructions to put iron giant together? with all the pieces printed its like im looking at a pile of Legos lol
im a huge fan of iron giant. i loved watching it as a kid. really want to put this together. also does he have to kneel or can i get him to stand up on a knight stand for display?

How large is the Baby Dory?

hi i love your moldels ovs the pvz franchise but if u cude can u make so other plants or my faverit the foot sorger

I love the slime rancher stls! :) Will you be maybe making the new slimes from Slime Rancher 2?

Hi, great job!
If i print the sword and scabbard both at 80%, would they still fit together?

Hi, i cant find a proper email to send this to, but I was interested in buying a commercial license to print, pain, and sell your designs with attribution.

If you are interested I would like to continue this discussion by email to discuss price.

never the less thank you very much for your time.

So do you recommend printing this with supports? I printed a few with no supports and they printed, but I knocked it down to about half the size and added supports and it only printed the support. Thanks for the help!

Hey, I absolutely love the Master Shake print from Aqua Teen Hunger Force! It looks great!! Any chance we could get a meatwad and frylock, and eventually some of the other side characters like hand banana and emory and oglethorpe?

hola,buenos dias,estoy imprimiendo tu wall e,que es exelente, y queria saber si existen las instrucciones para el armado ,especialmente el sistema de ruedas y orugas,gracias

bonjour je suis débutant je voudrais savoir si je peux imprimer sur une Under 3 votre model cordialement ludovic 79140

hey man i just found ur page and wanted to tell u that its pretty dope. keep up the good work :)

What scale is the VW Bus?

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am an amateur graphic designer and sell t-shirts on the side.
I would like to photograph your 3D model "PowderPuff Unicorn" and use it as a design.
I would be deeply indebted to you for your approval.
Kind regards
Michael Vincent Schauka

for the zelda sword do you know where i can get the pins or what size they are so i can make them to print them thank you for the info

The Iron Giant looks amazing! What do you think is the smallest I could scale to and still be able to print the parts?

Bonjour Monsieur,
Je vous contacte aujourd'hui pour que vous me designer, si possible gratuitement le logo BSB qui est la marque de vêtements de Gazo le rappeur avec un crochet pour s'en servir comme un porte clé.
Mon meilleur ami me la demander mais je ne sais pas le faire.
J'espère que vous aller accepté.
Au revoir et a bientôt.

El archivo de Stan le he intentado imprimir varias veces y siempre se imprime mal en los primeros minutos.

Thank you for making so many awesome models. My 3d printer is going to be occupied for some time! You are the best!

Hello budy, how are you?

I'm a Brazilian student so I don't understand your language that well. I came to talk to you about the sonic file, I saw that your original file was made in fusion 360. I had never seen anyone model something without using blender.

If you still have the original drawing file, could you send it to me? It would help so that I could understand how you made the piece step by step. The video on your channel shows the process, but it's sped up.
I will be very grateful if you answer me.

Hugs from Brazil