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What is the build plate size needed for the pretorian's largest parts?

Hey, I can't seem to find the file for the part of the sponson that holds the sponson weapons. I might be missing it but I was wondering if you could give me the name of the file to make sure i didn't overlook it somehow if not I think you may have missed it when you uploaded.

Hi There,
I love this Megaton Ground Castle, but there is only one main gun option, do you have a railgun file?

You are missing the autocannon and chainsaw in the Armored Sentinel pack. Thanks.

Hello. I noticed that the file pack for the "Dornish" tank is missing the floating sponson cylinder that goes inside the sponson "bottom" and "top" to attach the sponson weapons. Please help. Thanks so much!

Hello, I recently bought the armored sentinel file specifically because it said it includes a chainsword but the file is missing from the download. Would you mind looking into it?

Hello! Thanks for some awesome files. Unfortunately the Sigismund tank (smaller dornish) has no file for the the sponson cylinder. It has the sponson top and bottom, but no cylinder to connect weapons to. I've got the larger Dornish tank - will that cylinder fit?

I'll upload the missing part as soon as I get to my computer, sorry

No problem - thank you!

Hello the Squataur doesnt fit on my mono 4k photon at 100% any chance it could be broken into parts?

Hey Ceispherus! is there an email that I could contact you on about a business offer?

Presupported files for dornish tank (pratorian) won't fit into my printer (photon mono 4k). Body is a few mm taller and tracks 2-3 cm out of the printing box. Would it be possible to get lychee pressuported file to resolve it? Thank you!

max z-axis is 165mm

is there any kind of chance you could add some frontal guns to the squataur?

Does this have pre supported version thanks

I'll have to work on making a supported version, but you'd probably make one as well as I could.

Do you offer a commercial or merchant license? I have seen the models for sale on Etsy and some of my customers have asked for me to print it.

Hi. Does this come with the 4 bolt cannons / ion beamers?

Could you make a cut version of MEGATON GROUND CASTLE? It's too big for 6 inch screen printer.


Thanks a lot!

The Sagitaur hull filles have structural issues as pointed by lychee and 3d builder and 3d builder has been working 8 hours fixing it without success. Could you please share a fixed file for the hull?

Trust me I tried in several different applications.

It prints perfectly fine though.

935 holes, according to Lychee. O_O

I tried meshmixer, 3d builder, opencad, probably some more. If someone cam fix it and send it to me I'll repost the file.

Yes, it still has error. So I can't hollow it in meshmixer and add my own support. I know there is a hollowed and supported version, but it's a little bigger than my print bed, so I need to make my own. Besides, I'm planning to a magnetize hole on its back so I can magnetize the turret.

I'll try to fix it again.

or could you provide a hollowed hull instead? So I can add support in lychee myself.

Hull Repaired

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is there any way to get a non-supported file?

It should include both unless I messed up

There should be a file called hull and one called hull hollow

I am sorry I see that now, sorry man looks great

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