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Wiggler is one of the ones I do eventually want to make, but I haven't really had the time, even during the pandemic. I did get my printer working again which is nice, but it has sat dormant on my desk for quite a while. Many of the models are from TheModelsResource, and I just adapted them to work as printable amiibo, so you may be able to find wiggler models there, as I believe there are some.

Great designs! Here's hoping your printer is working well! If you have the time, there is interest in my household for a Wiggler amiibo. There are other designs elsewhere that just don't cut it, and your designs have been a big hit.

When I start printing/making more I will send another message, but it might be a while before my printer is working again.

Okay thanks for the answer ! Please say me when you will be ready please ?

Maybe. My 3D printer hasn't been working for the last few months so I've kinda stopped making new ones until I get my printer working again, but once I do I'll consider it.

Hi ! Can you make a custom amiibo for baby peach ?