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Hello I was wondering if this cactus keychain can be made and sold? I am looking for small keychains for my craft booth.

Someone is selling two of your designs on Etsy :( sadly I fell for it and purchased the two can cooler designs before I found them on your thangs profile.

Thank you for sharing this with me, I am sorry this has happened to you!

Oh no! What happened to the green articulated screw-top model that you created a couple hours ago??

hello, hope you're doing good
just wanted to say the cactus organizer is a great design,
i was shocked when i saw it because i was working on a similar model but with a different functionality,
i would like to make some simple adjustments to your design in order to make it an incense holder if you don't mind.
thank you

Thank you for purchasing this design and interest in remixing it! You can definitely remix the design for your personal use. I just ask for you not to sell/post the remixed file for free since it would be a copy of my design.

Hello, wonder if you can help with the blade part of the light saber? I seem to be only able to print 1 part of it and not the other blade pieces.
Thank you in advance

Hello, thank you for downloading my model! There should be one file for the blades together and 3 other files to print in vase mode. The file that has the 3 in 1 blade has to be printed with a wall thickness of .4mm. Make sure your slicer settings are set to this number. If the blades stick together it’s usually due to stringing. I would use a thin metal or wood object, like a butter knife, to gently separate them.

Let me know if this works for you

Hello, I purchased your cactus gift card holder and there is no file to download, it has a name and says 0 bytes file size . Please assist

Hello, thank you for purchasing my design! I just checked it and it seemed to be working. If it still does not work please send me an email so I can send you the files another way. You can find my email on my profile page. Sorry about this!

hihi sorry to bother you but i was wandering if i can sell the CLOGGED NOZZLE ORNAMENT
the finished print of course sorry if i wasnt specific
im starting my first small etsy business and the design looks really amazing

and thank you for you time

Thank you for your interest in selling my designs! To sell my designs you will need to subscribe to my Patreon tier for a commercial license.

Patreon Page

I would like to print some of the flexi ghosts to sell at a local Halloween market. What do I need to do?

Hello! Thank you for your interest in selling my designs! Please follow read the updated description on the model page!

would love to sell your flexi ghost on our etsy page

Hello! Thank you for your interest in selling my designs! Please follow read the updated description on the model page!

Hey man, i don't know if you've gotten any credit or alot of credit for this ornament...but I wanted to tell you its awsome! And thank you what you do!

Thanks so much for your support! This means alot to me! You don't know how much this comment made my day!

I wanted to ask you if the filament part of the "Tangled Spool Christmas Ornament" included with the download files? I see Part 01 and Part 02 of the Spool. Thank you so much!

Hey I did not realize this mistake! Thank you for bringing this to my attention I am updating the model now

Thank you so much!