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Is the chaos troll part of a larger set, or just a one off, like the ogre star player?

A one off for now, will eventually do an underworld and renegade team, but unlikely to do either team this year.

Awesome sculpts! I will buy the orc throwers and the mouth monsters, using them as gobblins to upgrade and finish my punga team.
You should seriously consider starting a patreon, you are talented. We have not a lot BB patreons that are any good, and what we have are some kind of whacky style… like punga with the 10th pirate team khm. But your sculpts are spot on.
It would be so awesome to subscribe a patreon where we can get quality sculpted full 16 player teams every month!
Keep up the good work!

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Hey. Love your Orcs, Trolls and Ogres. You know what's really lacking in BB miniatures? Support staff. You know what's impossible to find? Commentators called Bim and Job.... #justsaying ;-)
But, seriously, great work. Just printed your ogre star player and he's looking great even with just a zenith basecoat!

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Hey man, any chance you'd make a bomber dribblesnot-like star player for thoses Orcs? Thanks ;)

Well all my thanks you wonderful talented god of sculpting 🤣

Hello, might there be a savage Orc team package on the horizon? Thanks, Eric... WI, USA

Yup, aiming to have the team finished by the end of the month.

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Just saw the previous message with the same question, all good!

I bought this stl file but it keeps failing to print. Can you supply a supported model? Its a shame cause its a nice mini and ive had no issues with other files you are selling.

Which model? as for a supported version, ill check in with people that have printed things if they are willing to share files, I can't provide supported files myself at the moment because I don't have a printer of my own and have never printed anything yet (expecting my printer is mid april-may), anything i support myself would be the blind leading the blind :S. let me know which model is giving you issues and ill ask around.


If you're ever going to do a Patreon, please let me know. Would love to support you through there.

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Apologies for the rapid fire questions:

  1. do you plan on doing a savage orc bundle for the team when finished (same as for the black orc team)?
  2. would it be possible to have a body version for this model without the back totem?
  3. would it also be possible to have versions with empty hands (so weapons can be added)?

Thank you!

Hi, no worries lol.

  1. Yes, the savage orcs will be bundled when the whole team is finished.
  2. Im assuming you mean the blitzer when talking about the back totem. possibly, would have to check through older saves of the file, but no promises and low priority, if it's not too much work, then sure.
  3. same answer as 2. i can at provide the options going though with the new models, even if i ultimately cant on the ones already done.


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Thanks for the reply :)
1. I'll wait for the bundle then
2&3. I can mod them myself if I need to, but you'd obviously do a better job :))))

Hello Mate, do the miniatures come pre supported?. Cheers

the black orc team is pre-supported thanks to a kind soul sending me their files, everything else isn't currently, I don't have a 3D printer of my own yet (expected around late april) so I have no means of testing/validating supports so would rather put them out unsupported than do bad job of it and waste people's time and resin.

hi i just printed the minotaur out in its componant parts and think theres an error with the RIGHT ARM piece. the joint doesnt fit to the torso in any way. its a flat join on the torso with an unmatching join on the arm and when you try to place it and view it on the images it looks like it was meant to be sunk into the model. can you have a look and see if im correct. i've tried to fit it and no luck. thanks

yeah, just checked it, my bad, looks like i uploaded the wrong file, fixed now, you will want to reprint both the arm and the torso, took the opportunity to fixt the strapping on his shoulder blades while in the file (there were 2 bits of leather under his shoulerpads that hadn't been fused to the torso and I made the ridges more prominent for easier painting) thank you for letting me know! Cheers!

I have a Picture from your Skink on my Instagram Profil. Mike Steini fantastic these are.however,the face guard needs to be stronger.i find it is too delicate,is always being damaged/ otherwords,too flimsey.a more solid design of the face guard would be great.thank you.

Hello, I really like your work and purchased the Lizard Bundle! Is the Ogre Star a one off or will there be a bundle he'll be included in? Please keep making minis they are great.

Thank you, i don't plan on stopping :D! Not exactly sure yet for the Ogre star, he's pretty universal so could theoretically fit into MANY bundles. still mulling it over honestly.

Quite frankly the best quality alternatives out there. You've got a talent and at these prices I'll probably buy everything you do with regards to blood bowl. Simply a fantastic set of models. Please keep on going.

wow thank you! that's very motivating! hoping to have the first high elf lineman up today! fingers crossed that it lives up lol!

Hi , i have your Black Ork Team . They are GREAT , i like them :)

Thank you! glad you enjoy then!

When purchasing one of the bundles, do we also get updates to the files included in the bundle? E.g. if you are making changes/updates to one of the lizards, will I also be able to download those updated files after having purchased the lizard bundle?

as far as i am aware, Yes, any changes i make to these would be available to you without extra charge. Whenever I update or fix something, I get the option to send out a notice to everyone that's purchased it to advise them and there's a note that indicates on one has to rebuy anything :)

Are you going to have a bundle for all the lizard stuff, like the black orc bundle? hopefully soon-ish?

yes, the team is almost done, aiming to have it up by wednesday :)

Amazing! I'll check back wed/thu to buy the whole bundle :)

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Bought the bundle :) Are you also putting all the big lizards in a set or are they just going opt stay separate?

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Guess I got too impatient, haha. will do :)

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Hi, seems like the torso STL for FANTASY FOOTBALL LITTLE LIZARD LINEMAN #1 is broken. Could you take a look? The STL for the full lizard is working though.

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Thank you for the heads up! fixed!

Oh, wow, that was fast. Thanks and keep up the great work :)

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NP lol, also just about to add a headdress option to this one while im at it, since i have the file open anyways, uploading in a few min.

I love your work!!!! 3 things. 1. Lizards as a team. 2. Skaven. 3. Skaven kicker.
Bless you and keep ip the good work!!!!! I am encouraging my league to get your models.

Lizard as a team bundle will be up by the end of the week! (aiming for wed)

The lizards have been bundled :) Cheers!

Hi! quality work mate... any chance of the lizard team being bundled up please?

Thank you! i will bundle them up when the team is complete :) Cheers!

Lizards should be done and bundled by the end of the week (aiming for wed)

The lizards have been bundled :) Cheers!

Quality work mate, been looking for bulker lizardman team for years now. The GW ones are too skinny for my liking. What teams do you plan on doing next ?

Thank you! the next team is going to be High elves :D

Hey! I love your sculpts man! Keep up the amazing work! Are you planning on making skinks with the feathered hats at all?

I definitely can, will be easy enough to add an alternate head for those already done too.

latest skink has a feathered headdress option! cheers!

Sweet, I imagine you can use this head with all the other bodies?

yeah, ill be adding the headdress to the firs regular skinks (and maybe one of the camoleons)

the team is complete and bundled, and every non-chameleon skink has a fancy hat option ;)

hi , i'll be happy to buy a bundle with the full team ! may be token
salut , je serais bien motivé pour acheter la team au grand complet , est ce que des tokens sont à prévoir ?

je viens de voir que tu n'avais pas d'imprimante pour les faire je peux t'aider sur ce point si tu veux :)

Yes, was planning on bundling up some of the files at some point this week/weekend.

Hi, will you sell the Orc team completely, but a little cheaper than buying models by the piece?

Hi, you had asked about a discounted bundle for the complete team, just letting you know it's posted now, Cheers!

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