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I want your "Smallscale Salvage Crew" at the exact 6mm scale, because i own some other Minis (Orcs) in 6mm scale. I am affraid, because in the description there stands 6mm/8mm and i really dont want to print some Human Salvage Dudes who are 1-2 Heads taller than an Orc. This will be my first Project that includes 3D Printing, so i am happy if you could tell me the settings for that scale.

The crew members are around 7mm tall, some a bit shorter, some a bit taller. You'd probably have to resize each one of them individually if you want them all to be exactly 6mm tall.

What are the approximate dimensions?

I assume you're referring to the Alpha Hab Tower? The building is more or less 107mm tall, 44.5mm wide, 56mm deep.