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Hi, thanks for being a follower! I'm stopping by to say that I fulfilled one of my life's dreams, I got married this week! I want to show my wife the power and unity of 3D Makers, I would like to request a donation via Paypal, however small the amount, can you help me in this mission? I will use the donations to surprise her. If you want to help me, there is a donation link on my profile. Thank you for your help!!!

Congratulations with your marriage!
Out of curiosity, what are you planning to make for your wife?

You’re welcome

Thank you for the like!

Off course I van scale it up for you, van you measure the outher diameter from the “fat dan” ?

hi bishop. I really like your can ashtray design so I tried to print it, but I have a problem: I tried to insert a 33cl can (old fat style), but can it's too large, perhaps do you scale up the model? how many? thank you!

Hello Christian,

I finished the guns\cannons sometime later after the rocket launcher.
Sadly i never took the time to put it online.

You are not the first one to ask me this question.
I'm going to try to put the model for the guns\cannons online in the month of May.
First i have to finish some other projects, so they can go online to.

Best regard,


have you already finished the machine guns of Airwolf? :-)

Best regards