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A friend to a friend sent me a link to your bobbin storage and wanted me to print and sell one to her. SHe sews a lot and really liked it, and thinks some of her friends as well, might be interested.

I have never used/bought a Cult design before, but as a read the terms it seems there is just possible to buy and print for personal use.

Is there any way I can buy it that makes it ok to print and sell to others? If so I am need to know the outer size, to ensure my printer has the capability to really print it.

Looking forward to your response.

Best Regards

Hello, first of all: I don't want other to sell the things I designed or make money with it.

But if your friends without a printer buy my designs on Cults3D from me and you print the parts for them, I think that would be fine.

Downloaded and printed your Bender build. However, having no luck getting any sized wire into the arms or legs. It appears the center hold "fills in". Do you have any print setting recommendations to make this work? Everything prints and looks great though. No issues with adhesion.

[ Prusa Mini+, PLA, .2mm print, 20% infill, .4mm nozzle ]

Hi. I just purchased the Bender Articulated model. And the main body, hands and feet I can print no problem. I am having issues printing the Arms and Legs. I have tried with .1 resolution and it doesn't seem work. Would it possible to print it in the vertical? Any suggestions? I am using a Prusa MK3S+ with Sakata 3D 850 Filament. Seems like the arms and legs do not make enough contact with the bed for it to hold long enough.

Hi there,

I just ordered the euro coin organizer, but the .step file wasn't included in the zip file as it says in the description.

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