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Hello, I purchased your Oogie Boogies of Wisdom and I'm having issues printing it. Is it possible to print them smaller than what you have them set at?

Hello bro, I would like to know where I can buy your other stls of articulated pokemon

What settings do you use in cura for this? I have tried to print this a bunch of times and this file will not print. I am able to print other objects perfectly fine but your file won't print. Please let me know every setting in ultimaker cura you used.

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Hi, which model are you talking ? =)

The onix stl file.

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Oh ! What is your problem exactly ? There are no problems with the file given the number of people who printed it ^^
3 Walls 15% infill and that's it
You can even redownload it in case or on thingiverse or printables =)

I can not get these files open. Can you make them STL files instead?

Hi, wich model are you talking ? =)

Gnomes and all 8 corvette flips

I didn't even download the corvettes and now can't find the file

Corvettes are not mine, just download again in your library

I bought them both from you! I opened the file but when I try and get it on the build plate it dissapears. Order # #55918986

I'm ok for gnomes, but corvettes are not from me ^^ the problem does not come from the files, can the slicer be re-downloaded ? is it cura ? Sometimes it bugs

bonjour , dite moi comment puis-je obtenir le stl du luffy que vous avez realiser merci a vous

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Salut malheureusement il n'est pas dispo 😊

Hi, i have a question. Pokémon is intellectual property right, but then how can u sell Pokémon files?

I downloaded the "5 gnomes" files. Actually, there are 6. N1 printed ok, but not the rest. The lower back parts are mostly missing and impossible to print. I tried twice on all models in S3D. Help!

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Hi ! Thank you for your purchase ! Try to download again files, sometiles it IS corrupted 🫤
If it doesnt work, tell me again 🙂

Thanks for the quick response. I downloaded the files for the 3rd time. Same results.

Oh strange, i try to look for it tomorrow 🙂

Hi, Files updated you can check =)

They are still the same when sliced in S3D. The solid model looks ok, but when you "prepare to print" is when it shows the void in the lower back. Thanks for trying to correct this.

I will check this evening 🙂

Thanks! Just a thought. When you fix corrupted files, will that automatically refresh? I can only re-download files from my existing list.

yes normally if you download you get the new ZIP 🙂

I checked in 2 different slicers, the 6 gnomes work correctly, maybe redownload S3D
I don't see any problems in the files :/

I re-downloaded the latest version of S3D. Same issue. I'm bummed. I've printed many, many files and never had a problem like this. I love your gnomes. Very frustrating.

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arfffff... i don't know why, all the people who bought the gnomes had no problems :/

A complete mystery. Drat!

hey, ich benötige die dateien komplett innen zu 100% gefüllt. also nicht hohlt, sondern ausgefüllt. ich möchte mir aus ASA ein Firstschmuck für das Hausdach drucken. wäre das machbar, mir dabei zu helfen? MfG Jan

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Hi ! what files are you talking about? normally if you want to fill 100%, you have to do it directly in your slicer (like Cura) 🙂

Deine Geister! Sie sind hohl von innen, brauche diese gefüllt zu 100%. Komplett gefüllt! MfG

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ahhhh no it won't be doable, we would have to take all the ghosts, and redo them since the eyes are hollow, too long 😅

Hi can you tell me the average time to print such an surprise egg on you bambu ?

Thank you.

Hi 2h for simple egg, 0.2, and no color =)

Hola, sabes que el stl de elefante lindo no me sale. Queda por la mitad y se para la máquina.

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hi, sometimes the files download badly, try downloading it again 🙂

Hello, i have question for the eggs. I have printed 3 times and on half print the outer shell loses bed adhesion. Any tipps on that?

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Hi, maybe use a brim or glue stick ?

My Starmie pins aren't fitting together :'(

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Hi, strange, you are the first to tell me that ^^' maybe reduce a little bit the size

I am new but will try! For reference the hole is not big enough

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Ok ^^ maybe you first layer is too crushed, which makes your hole tighter =)

Ooo! Any tips how to fix?

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The A4 Sheet technique ^^
Normally it fit really well

Yes I believe you my holes aren’t that big

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Not sure what that technique is

the technique to have the first layer very clean ^^ z offset paper sheet maybe on youtube you can find =)

Ooooh you mean for leveling. Okay I will try later. For now I just carve out bigger holes and it works no problem :) I am new thanks for help

No Problem welcome to 3D =)

I'd like to do the eggs. I am new to this, so when I couldn't download the file because of its size I wondered if I could do one

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hello, i really don't understand what you want to do ^^

evening, in the back of some of the photos you have posted there is a fluffy bust from one piece, are you selling or know where i can get the stl file for that, am also willing to pay for the file

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Hi sorry it's my design and it is not available ^^

really that's a shame, do you ever plan on selling it as i am only looking to print this for myself as i am a huge fan of the show. i think i have also seen this model on art station, if that was you, i have been trying to track you down for a while. would you reconsider your decision please

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My decision is made since I designed the model, you are not the only person who wants it, but I want to be the only person who has it =)
Sorry !

hi there, if i become a patreon do i have access to your older models or do you offer a discount to purchase them?

thank you

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Hi, untill 28/02 all models were available but not anymore, you have access to the starter pack and month in progress then the previous one, and unfortunately there is no discount on cults3D

Hi !
Sorry but i will not Make a 4th 😅

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thanks anyaway

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J’ai vu votre modèle du Rubilax sur vos réseaux. Je suis très intéressé par le modèle, accepteriez-vous de me le vendre ?
Merci à vous,
Belle fin de journée

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Salut !
Pour le moment je garde le modèle pour moi ^^
Bonne journée merci !

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hello I wanted to ask if you also create masks as an order?

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Hi no sorry i don't ^^

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hi, is it possible to get permission to sell the kratos bust? im already a patreon subscriber but he isnt on there.

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Hi if you are a patreon supporter yes you can =)

Hello, sorry to bother you but I wondered if I could be cheeky and ask you about a possible gnome remix. I am a member of an international organisation called B.A.C.A. bikers against child abuse. We empower kids who have not had the best start in life! I was wondering if it would be possible to have a gnome wearing a motorcycle helmet and a leather waistcoat (cut). It would be amazing if you could. Alot of our membership have massive beards (even some of the women! ;-]), so they are perfect to give to the "heros" when we welcome them into our family. I hope you can help. Many thanks. Kim (

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?
Its just for fun to freinds and mabey on a local Market in town

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Take a look here : =)

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Printed this out and it looks fantastic. Could you throw some braids on one to make a female?

Not planned ^^

hello some of the gnome files can not be printed, bodypart are missing

the only one i was able to print is the one from thingiverse

Hi ! Re download them, i think files are corrupted =)

I re-downloaded the files , the problem stays the same.
I slice the files , after slicing I review the file .
Body of the gnome is missing in files and in the print.
Could you re-upload the files or repair the files?

I just downloaded them now, all the files are there.
before and after slicing on 2 several slicers
you are the first to have this problem

Did you use the review option and printed them?
In the review after slicing you will see that the gnome has no body to print .
I printed it and right from the start you will see that the printer doesn’t print the body.

No need to repair, the model prints perfectly as it is ^^

Then why can’t I print the files , only one file that is ok is gnome nr 1, ther rest are no working for me

Ok wait ;)