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hello, i tried to find you model of icecream ditto but i didnt :C could you tell me is there is a link to buy

Hi, I absolutely love your work! I bought the gyarados model and I have printed in different sizes, painted some and printed some with a colorful filament and was wondering if it was okay if I could sell them?

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Hi cool !
Just join my Patreon =)
" 3D print sale "
You will get a lot of models too =p

Great Design!!! Picture to follow shortly...Thanks

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Thanks :)

Hello, if i pay 10,50$ per month to can sell the prints, i have to pay for the designs too or are free because the pay of the 10,50$??

Hello, if i pay 10,50$ per month to can sell the prints, i have to pay for the designs too or are free because the pay of the 10,50$??


Hello, i want to make giant model, would you make or send me file that i can edit to scale up each part?


Hey, You Can make it alone, just separate all parts 😊

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How? There are one part on 3D Builder?

Salut a toi pas mal de modèle a toi me plaise j en ai pris certains et je compte bien en prendre d autres, a tu en projet de continuer les headchange car spiderman et Ironman déchire, pense tu faire Hulk a l occase ? Venom ? Deadpool ? Un Sangoku passage de normal a Ssj enfin je ne sais pas se que il est possible de faire mais bon je suis preneur

Hi, can I please have permissions to sell your prints in my online store

Bonsoir commant faite vous pour couper vos fichier en plusieur partie avec dès emboîtement merci

saludos, en cuantas partes esta el archivo ?

Hey, wich model ?

hola, el busto de frieza 1-1

Ah, 6 Parts, head, purple shoulder x 2, purple jewel for torso, bust, and base :)

Apparently the download button does not work. Is this anywhere else to purchase the blue dragon from?

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Hey, I saw that you succeeded, Thank you :)

If I purchase this Staryu model can I get the .step or .f3d files? I'd like to print one with a bearing in it.


Hey, i just got stl file 😅

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Does Kratos require supports?

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A little bit yes

thank you so much for downloading my articulated bunny! Hope you enjoy it.
Also, I just wanted to say that I really like your models - I printed your Onix back when you uploaded it and it's been chilling and looking awesome in my Pokémon display case ever since.
Have a great day,

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Hey Haha thanks :)
I am printing your bunny, just look here :
Same for you :)

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Oh, thank you! That white looks almost pearlescent, it's absolutely gorgeous - may I ask what filament that is?

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It's from wanhaofrance ( PLA Silk White )
I don't know if they ship worldwide ^^'

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Hey! I downloaded ur slomer I love the design is it ok to make a silicone mold of it ans sell at conventions at my booth?i will credit you of course for the design!

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I mean make a silicone mold for me so I can make copies faster

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Hey yes if you want ;)

Hello Body.3d
Can I print and sell (DRAGON BALL) ??
Thank you

Hi, I downloaded your model of Gigantic Flexible Gyarados but this model is in one piece. I'd like to print it as big as it is in your video. Therefore, I would need separate parts. Possible?

Hey, thanks for your purchase, but KickAss modified the files for make it HUGE, i don't have files like him ^^

Thank you, have a lovely weekend.

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Thanks same for you :)

What a lovely print! - would you be open to making a few more of these guys and selling me the file? Like one with a heart or other attributes . I am based in South Africa . Many thanks Lesley

Hey ! Wich model do you talk ? ^^

The Gnome , has a option to hang on a Christmas tree, as well.

Oh ok, but unfortunately I don't plan to make other gnomes 😅

Hi, do I need to sign up to your patreon to sell any of your designs - I am mainly interested in the gnome. Thanks

Salut ! Ce serait préférable oui, et en plus tu auras accès à d'autres models 😊👊🏻

I´m Santiago and i printed your Kratos figure. It´s so cool.

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Hi nice to meet you, I'm glad you like it :)

Hallo darf ich ihre Produkte verkaufen. Ihre Dateien wären Natürlich bei mir sicher. Es geht ausschließlich um die gedruckten Produkte

Hey !
Yes you can if you subscribe to my patreon - 3D Print Sale -
You will get also early access to my new files =)

Welches Abo muss ich nehmen

3D Print Sale please =)

I bought the Rock snake and printed a bunch already.
It would be nice to get a third version which could be printed bigger (is more compact than the circle version)

Also one point of critic, the first few layers are really thin connected the the cylinder which connects to the next part, especally if you print it 50%.

Hey !
Yes I see what you are talking about, for the moment I do not plan to make a new version of this snake, but other articulated models will arrive, I will take into account what you told me :)
Thanks for your understanding

Hi! I'm Having a bit of trouble printing Articulated Rock Snake, I'm trying to print on an Elegoo Saturn but the printbed is too small to print at 100%, biggest it will print is scaled down to 68% but this results in the links between the segments to be too weak and the print fails, could you suggest how to fix? Thanks in advance, big fan of your work! :) -Konrad

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Hi thanks :)
It's true that I didn't do a resin test print on the Rock Snake.
On the other hand, I tested the print of the Hairy Snake and I had no problem ( Saturn )
Did you try both models ? circle and line ? :)

I printed the snake also on my Saturn 10 and 20% didn‘t work
30% is possible but one link isn‘t perfect.
50 and 70% are good but the links are really thin.

I'll try to print straight next at 70%, will report back with result

salut jespere que tu vas bien ,je suis dju1981.crea3d
pourrais tu faire chichi
Merci davance

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Salut ca va merci et toi ?
Pour le moment ca va pas être possible :)