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Can you do the hart miller island light house located in Baltimore? Its one of my most favorite lighthouses and ive been asked by many if there is a 3d model available.


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Wow, never seen before the Miller Island lighthouse. It's a lovely structure. In a quick look I see before was a dwelling house from where the tower starts to rise. OK! I promise to have a look and start working on it! Thanks for sharing

Hello, I was able to find the zip file.


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OK, good to know! I sent the files anyway via email. Enjoy your print and happy modelling! Hope you like it

I paid for the file. Then I click download. It takes me to Win Zip 21 day free trial. I download win zip but cant find the 3D model file.

Need help to locate 3D file.

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I double checked the files inside the zip and seems to be all of them OK.
Try to right-button click on the zip and select 'extract to' then OK.
Then the files within the zip (=2 folders with stls, a pdf with instructions and an stl of the full build should appear.
If you still experience troubles, send me an email to and I'll send you the files directly through email


Was curious if you could replicate the "Morris Island Lighthouse"?


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I made a quick search on Morris Island lighthouse. Looks pretty nice. Actually I believe it is very similar to Bodie Island lighthouse which is one of the next projects I'll upload here soon.
Send me an email (email in bio)

Merci pour le suivi

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Merci à vous!