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Hello! I purchased your file for Jyn Erso's tonfa and most of the printing went ok, but on the two main pieces, the 3 outermost columns of studs shifted up and over a few millimeters. The shift was in exactly the same place for both halves! I cleaned, tightened, and leveled my machine, and double checked the slice file to make sure I didn't see any glaring errors and I am coming up short. Have you had any feedback like this on this file? Any suggestions on how I might resolve this error?

Hi! There is a high overhang angle and there is a high probability that layers closer to the top start to warp and nozzle can smash it and it will lead to layer shift. There is several solutions, each one or all together can help: you need to get rid of warping, so lowering temperature and speed + maximum layer cooling should help. Also i used supports from 45 deg. and set distance between supports and model to 0.3 mm, it helped to reduce warping on overhangs too.

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I will tinker with these settings, thank you so much for the help!!

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