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I purchased your design for the Devilbiss CAC-1148-1 compressor replacement fan KK5018. After printing it I realized the fan blades direction were opposite of the other correct fans. I compared it to what was left of the original KK-5018 and even checked online views. I am very happy with everything except that oversight. Can I get a revised 3D print file or get instructions on how to fix it. Again Thank you very much it is a very smooth, trouble free print .(Other than the blade direction) Respectfully

Wow, make your own fan, wow. I don’t have the ability, but would happily pay you for the Devilbiss CAC-1148-1Compressor Replacement Fan KK-5018. Do yo take orders?

This is a website for 3D files. I don’t produce these parts. I made one for myself and found it useful enough to sell the plans.

Hi there! I saw the fan cage for the Devilbiss AF320. Someone who made it from PETG said it disintegrated upon spinup. Have you tested this part in your own engine? I'd like to buy the file but am hesitant to due to this feedback. Thank you!

Hello, I saw the fan cage you had on here CAC-1148-1..Can you make this?? If so what would it cost? Thanks, Jim

What would be a good scale for the black series 6 inch star wars figures?
Does anyone happen to sell these or know someone that allows 3d printing?

Hello! I'm sorry i haven't gotten your message until now. Cults doesn't send message notifications to me any more for some reason.
I think you can search the internet to see what the actual scale is for 6 inch figures. I think that Barbie is 1:6 scale, and they're 12" tall. So I'd think that would make 6 inch figures 1:12 scale?

I do 3D printing if you'd like to reach out via email or