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@YOURBUDDYINEC I’ve added an image of the mask with dimensions in mm. Sorry about that forgot to add in the dimensions when I initially uploaded this.

I was wondering if your roadhog mask was printable on an ender 3 and if so how large is it? I couldnt find that into but maybe im blind.

@Lucasjentsch88 Someone in the community has made a sort of tutorial (more like a time lapse) of the build. When I built the model I didn’t have a lot of time to make a video. But any questions about the build feel free to comment here and I will answer them.
In general it’s pretty straight forward with the parts snapping together only the cylinder mechanism is the more complicated section.

i bought your mccree prop gun but i can['t figure out how to assemble it with the hardware. can you please provide instructions to assemble this product

Yes I taped off the “laser” section and painted it.

I tried to make the whole model such that you can just print it in the correct colours and once assembled it would only need the detail blue paint in certain parts but the number of parts was growing and I decided to combine those sections. Maybe in the future I will remodel that section but it has been a learning process making these models and the most time consuming part is separating it into sections and making the nice snap fit connections that are on this model. Thanks for purchasing the model it took countless ours to design and then design to be 3D printed and fit correctly.

Hey there, I purchased your McCree Peacemaker and it's really nice - for the bottom front of the "laser" did you just paint that black? It's really hard to tell from the pics and I thought originally it was a separate print. It's a shame it's not as pretty much the entire gun could be printed in either black or gun-metal except for that piece that needs painting.