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Hi I was wondering if you did commercial print licenses at all we are a small 3d printing farm based out of Nottingham UK.
Best Regards
Gary of The Minifactorum

I offered merchant tier in the past on patreon, but I am currently preparing to launch on Kickstarter and MMF and think about changing this.
I think exclusive licenses with a select few vendors may be more in favor for both parties involved.

Since you are a Vendor, what is the more attractive option for you?
A Patreon tier certainly is simple for both of us, but wouldn't a exclusive agreement be more lucrative?

Wow your rollers are the best! They look so clean and crisp, and the file size is tiny ?! I've been making my own rollers but have been struggling with massive file sizes, I use blender to make them (sub and displace), I'm trying to learn but do you have any tips on how to make them come out less pixelated but still have a small file size ?

If you want you can come join my Discord Server. Quite some people learning blender there and I share tips and tricks ;)

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Dear Designs 20,

I recently came across your knight builder and was planning on downloading it. However it seems to have been removed from the store. I am very interested in purchasing the heads for my stormcast eternals army. Is there any way to get hold of the files? Many thanks

Hey, thanks for the Support.
I recently took it down since I am moving on to launch a Kickstarter and release a revamped version of the Knight Builder + my newest project in a huge bundle.

When doing this I will naturally reward people who supported me early on here on Cults.
Though I do not yet know how to technically do this, hence I stopped sales for now as to not over-complicate the situation.

The Kickstarter will hopefully go live in November, check
If you absolutely can not wait for the Knights, then tell me and I will take the Knight Builder online for you to grab it quickly ;)

Hi, If apart of your patron will this allowed to have the rights to sell any of your items on cults?

Hey, I took the Merchant tier down as I am re-structuring my range.
So currently there are no Merchant licenses available.

Generally you may NOT sell any of the free models (Texture Rolls, etc.) since they may contain 3rd party parts.

Is it possible to get commercial printing rights for the Knight builder?

I am planning to start a Patreon for commercial use licenses soon.
I am currently working on a Zombie Knight Builder, I will launch a Patreon as soon as that one is done.

Hello There, i just want to say that your Nemesis Model is amazing!
But i wish it was in parts, i can't print anything bigger then 10cm on my printer... is it possible to provide a cut version? I'll pay for it, no problem.

I don't currently have time, (slicing models so the seams are well hidden takes kinda long).
I only printed him at 6cm size on my Mars too.

Hello will you upload the base of Nemesis sometime??

The base is not actually 3d printed.
I made it from modelling clay (with texture rolls for the brick pattern) and random bits from failed prints I had lying around ;)

Hi, please can you get in contact with me in regards to printing and selling your rollers - they are absolutely amazing!
my email is looking forward to your mail :)

The licenses of 3rd-party source-material I used to create the rollers does generally not allow commercial use.
Hence I too offer them for free.

Hey there, is it possible for you sell only the helmets at a lower cost?

You may want to consider that this builder also includes all standalone weapons (without hands attached), as well as several standalone armor bits in the extras folder (shoulders, shin, elbow- and kneecaps, cloaks, bits of chainmail, etc.).
While you may not need it for your current project, I'm pretty sure just having this in your collection is something that pays of for another project down the line. There is just so much stuff to do conversions with!

I don't split my projects since I would have to maintain all variants here on cults.
While it does indeed seem reasonable for your helmet request, I was also asked to upload weapons, shoulder-pads, cloaks, etc standalone. This would escalate quickly if I did all variations of bundles for all my builders.
So I opted to just not do it.

a custom helmet would be good

Not quite sure what you refer to. The Ultimate Knight Builder has 23 different helemets.

The models listed here are only for non-commercial use.
If you want to sell prints let me know your contact information and we can discuss terms.

Hi! I have question before buying.Can I sell printed model?

If you need any assistance, you can find me on any of the 3D printing or Tabletop Discords channels.

Awesome, thank you so much,

I actually just got a Saturn, literally arrived today from Amazon so that's great news, I'll probably be making a purchase sometime today (it's 1 AM now) but if you can upload that I can do the slicing and editing myself, please just let me know if that's doable/it's been done, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Naked + back plate is not included.
I could provide modular files in the extras zip file though, so you can just delete what you don't want.
The problem is the slicing and supporting. You would have to do that yourself.
Warning though, slicing him up for mars-sized printers took me about 15 hours. The model is just so big.
So I think it is only feasible if you have a Saturn sized printer.

Hi, question about the Archdemon of Decay, is there a version with just the back/spine armor? Like the naked version but with that big nasty chunk of metal held onto his back with the spikes/horns?

yeah dude my discord is ERAOVFAILURE#3403
thanks for helpin out man, and sorry about the head ache

I had one person report this with my robot builder too. But everyone else seemed fine. No idea whats going on there.

Let me know how to contact you (discord, reddit) and I will send you the files.
Careful, this chat here is openly visible to anyone who clicks on my profile.
So I guess a reedit or discord name may be better than an email adress that gets sniffed out by bots.

I am The5_1 on all the 3D printing related discords and reddit.

hey dude I just your archdemon file and its not working/downloading for me. its saying the decompression has failed.