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Hi, We like your designs and would like to know if you could make some designs for us.

I have abandoned this account, I am unable to properly manage my works on here and have decided to go elsewhere.....

Thanx a lot for your help . U are an awesome designer

I'll look at the file tonight and will send you another copy...smaller print size...see what I can do...sorry you are experiencing issues.

No money to talk about.. I just want to print it hence the design is awesome and thougt maybe U can help out. The file was really big so I had to downsize it 25% to fit my 30 cm printed. Can that be the problem?? Does it print out with your printer and at wich size did U print. Thank U for your help 👍🏻👏🏻

I'll have another look at the file...

Hi, I'm not sure why your print is not working....if you like, I can refund your payment...

Hello I bought your 😍 knighthood. But I have som problems to print it. The backplate thingy Will not print. Do U please have any good pointers to get a good print I have a creality cr 10 s. I think your designs are awesome