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Bonjour, puisque le nom "Lucky" n'est pas beaucoup plus long que les noms originaux, il devrait convenir. Lequel aimeriez-vous voir avec ce nom dessus ? Je vais le changer et ajouter une autre photo. (Google Translate)

J'aimerais bien voir avec les 4 s'il vous plaît

Bonjour excusez moi mais je trouverais ou les images ?

Hello, I recently brought the file. However the pot doesn’t seem to match the pen tip (triangle) and doesn’t seem to fit in the ink well (without sizing up the inkwell a fair amount). I wondered if you had a version where the inkwell was triangle shaped like in some of your illustrations. Many thanks

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Hello, thank you for the feedback. I'll look into it today. I did ik need alter it a bit afterwards. Is the hole to big or too small?

It a little too big at the moment. Many thanks

I redid the hole entirely and reprinted it. Now it fits perfectly for me. You can check out a photo I added on the part's page (the last photo). To compensate for the trouble and thank you for the feedback, I'd like to give you one of my other models for free. Choose whichever you want and send me an e-mail ( so I can send you the file.