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Hi there, 
My name is Jake. I'm 17 and I love RC Aviation and CAD. I have been trying for a while to design a commercial airliner and different fighter jets in Fusion 360 but I'm having some trouble. 
In terms of airliners, I don't know how to get accurate geometry on the cockpit windows, especially airplanes like the 757, which have two flat windows that blend into the rest of the nose. And for jets, it's hard to understand the proper workflow to get good geometry that looks scale. Both of these issues I have been working on for months and months to no avail. 
I'm able to get close on most things, but I just can't get the cockpit windows.
Your models on Cults are incredible so I thought I would reach out.
My two questions are: Would you ever consider paid CAD counseling? And if not, would you have any general advice for me?   


Hi Jake, some of my models were made using 3ds Max, it’s quite different from Fusion. Also the models I make are modified to ensure that they print well at small scale. I’d be happy to help you with fusion though. However my recommendation for detailed aircraft modelling would be to use Blender. In the meantime I’ll see if I can outline the workflow in fusion and get back to you. Let me know if you have a specific aircraft and scale you want.

hello, I downloaded this file, but only the STL file is available. Could you please add the FBX files and update the model file?
My mail address :

Hi Gary, sorry for not replying sooner, the email went to my junk folder! I made these aircraft files many years ago using 3ds Max, and unfortunately I no longer have the original .3ds files.

Hello, I recently purchased your F4. I would like to scale it up then segment the part so they will fit on my printer. Would you be willing to send me the STEP file? Thanks, Gary

Hello Edmund,
I really like your WWII aircraft. I was wondering if you have or were thinking of creating a propellers in motion. (Also called "prop blur"). Here are some links to my makes I have done. ( ( I look forward to doing some of your designs, after which I will be happy to share my builds with you.

Best Regards,

Gentry AKA DistractedGEEK

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Thanks for contacting me and the feedback. I will do a prop blur version. I haven't been active on cults for a while but I'm getting back into it now, I have several more aircraft to upload, and I am back so I will let you know when I upload them.

Thanks! I look forward to seeing more of your designs!


I just bought your Land rover 110 file and was wondering if there was any possibility of having as file with the front wheels straight?



Hi Felix, apologies for the delayed reply, I have not been active on the site for some time. I will make the Land Rover as you requested, thank you for your suggestion.

Hi, do you have a Mustang P51 on sale? I though i saw one before but i cant find it now.

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