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Hey, I had some problems printing your design for the Master Ball Nintendo Switch Game holder design. It appears all the parts that glue together are the exact size instead of slightly bigger/smaller to fit. Game holder is too small to fit the games and I cant get the rings to fit the top and bottom half. Also can't fit either the M or the detail of the little top pieces to fit. I have no way of editing the model unless I have the source file for the modeling program you used to make them. Thanks for your cooperation

I know the size of games vary depending on country. Let me know how much bigger it is and I can update the file for you. Depending on the layer height you may need to sand down the internal part that fits the center portion into the halves. When I made the M for my version I did have to use a bit of effort to put it in. I can however make the "M" groove a bit bigger to help in this situation.

If you could give me the size of your nintendo games I can update the files today!

Thanks for answering so fast! The size of the parts, for example the ring, is exactly the same size as the hole, so it would really help out if you made the hole a little bigger or vice versa. My layer height was 0.1 also. Yes it would definitely help to make the M hole a bit bigger, too. The measurements of my Nintendo switch games should be about 31mm x 21mm x 3mm. Thank you so much

Model is updated. All sizes have been upsized 0.4mm (1/64") if you have any troubles downloading the new files let me know

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Thanks. you made me the best mum ever.
Feedback, the holes in the bottom could be a tiny bit bigger to accommodate Lego "fire"

Let me know what size would work for you and I would be more than happy to modify this piece for you!

I'm doing well thanks. Your work has very nice detail. Keep up the good work!