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Yet another NEMA 17

3D model description

Do you need a working currentless stepper motor?
It is absolutely silent and you can turn it by hand. Amongst others, it is useful to test the functionality of a wire drive as I did. A lot of friends didn't notice that they wasn't real ones - at least not immediately. Additionally I filled them with screws and nuts, so they feel pretty heavy ;-)
They can look rather real if you use black and silver filament.
Or maybe you just want a dummy?

BTW: I love this brash little Smartrep :-)

3D printing settings

Print the middle part hollow with only 2 perimeters.
The middle hole of the back side part has a bridge. If you want to cover it you can do it with the smooth side of the little shim.
Then glue the ring onto it.
The parts can be assembled and mounted by srewing M3 directly into the bolt holes.





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