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Cults (bellow, the « organizing company ») registered in the Trade and Companies register with the following number: 81052231800015, whose head office is located at 130 rue de Paris, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt.

It organizes from the 5th of December 2017 at midnight GMT+1 (Paris) up to the 5th of February 2018 at midnight GMT+1 (Paris) a free game with no prior obligation to purchase called: “Draw me a mascot character!” (named bellow “the game”) according to the terms described in this regulation.

The game is staged in partnership with the company Obro Sarl, website’s owner, registered with the following address: 32 rue du Pont Vieux 34500 Béziers, France and with the following number: 39941916700040. Along with the company Arianeplast whose head office is located at 4 TERRASSE BRETAGNE 57400 SARREBOURG, registered with the Siret number: 81295345300014.


This free game is open to any private individual aged over 13 years old, having access to an internet connection, a valid web address and an account on the website Cults, with no qualifying residence requirement, apart from the organizing company staff and their families, as well as anyone who contributed to the elaboration of the game.

The game is subjected to the French regulation applicable on games and contests.

Nonetheless, minor participants have to obtain prior authorization from one of his parents or his legal guardian to take part in the game.

The organizing company will be allowed to ask to minor participants to justify this authorization and, if need be, disqualify participants unable to justify this authorization.

The organizing company will be allowed to ask to minor winners to justify this authorization to take part in the contest. The organizing company reserves the right to select another winner henceforth the initial winner, if minor, is not able to prove this authorization.

Participating in this contest implies the pure and simple acceptation, unreserved, of those terms.

The files are to be shared on Cults with the Creative Commons CC-BY Licence.


This game is played exclusively on the platform during the time specified in Article 1. The terms to participate are described and available on the following link:

The participation in the contest is effective by posting on the website Cults one 3D models or more. The user is to be the creator of the model to be able to participate in the contest. The contest is not limiting; the user can participate as many times as he wishes by posting online several creations. The selection will be done according to a rating grid available on the following link:

The user will submit his 3D model at this address:
To validate his entry in the contest, the user necessarily has to add the hashtag #STRATOMAKER in the “3D model description”. By posting this hashtag, the user accepts the game regulation. The models will be shared for free(?) and with the CC-BY Licence. To participate, the user must have a valid electronic address.


Three winners will be appointed in the 15 business days following the end of the contest.

The winners will be contacted via email with the email address they indicated in their member profile on Cults platform. Within the fifteen business days following the appointment of the three winners, an email sent by the company Cults will confirm the nature of the prize won and the conditions to benefit from it. All winners will have to provide a valid address of domicile. A winner giving an incorrect address or no answer within the thirty days following the sending of the gain notification shall be deemed to have waived this gain and thus, it will be attributed to a new winner.

The winners will be selected according to the mark they will receive from the following rating grid:
• 3D model originality: 10 points
• Printability: 10 points
• Photographic staging: 5 points
• Number of thumbs-up: 5 points

The jury will be composed of Julien Berdoues from Stratomaker, Jean-Marc Mathis from Arianeplast and Cédric Lohier, 3D designer famous under the pseudo Yoda 3D. The company Cults will manage the coordination between the 3 members of the jury and make sure that the definitive 3 top is approved by the different parties.


The game features the following prizes, awarded chronologically to participants declared winners. Every winner gains one prize.

List of the prizes :

• 1rst prize for the winner: a Stratomaker 3D printer worth 1595€ (more information here)

• 2nd prize for the second: pack of 6 filament coils for 3D Arianeplast printer worth 125.94€ (more information here)

• 3rd prize for the third: A shopping voucher worth 50€ to assert on 3D files upload on Cults.

Stratomaker will interview the winner and broadcast it on its website and social networks.

For the first and second prizes, the company Stratomaker is responsible for the transport of the winner prize. Cults will be by no means responsible of the potential problems related to the transit of the prizes. Cults will have the only obligation to reveal the names and addresses of the winners to the company Stratomaker so that it can ship the prizes awarded expeditiously.

The organizing company reserves the right to proceed to the verification of the age of the winners before awarding the prizes. On no accounts the endowments will be exchange against their cash value or any other endowment. The organizing company may not be held liable for the use, nonuse or trading of the prizes by the winners. In the case of force majeure, the organizing company reserves the right to replace the awarded prize by another of equivalent nature and value.


The participants authorize the verification of their identity. Failure to comply to those terms as well as fraud or malpractice, whatever their modalities, will result in the pure and simple elimination of its author participation in the contest.