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What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a type of JSON API that lets you decide what fields you would like to fetch.

Note that:

  • there is only one HTTP method: POST
  • there is only one endpoint URL:
  • you pass a query string that represents the data you would like to receive in the GraphQL format
  • you get JSON back matching each field of each type you asked for
  • the API will not give you access to the 3D files (they will remain hosted on Cults for legal reasons) but it will give you access to everything else: photos, titles, descriptions, tags, etc.


All calls are made using HTTP Basic Auth with the credentials you have been given.

Try it out

Use the graphical explorer to browse and test the API. The documentation on the right shows you all available data you can query.

Example call

Here is an example command line call using curl:

curl -u your_username:your_password -d'query={
  creations(limit: 1) {
    creator {

The JSON data that comes out is in the same format as the query:

  "data": {
    "creations": [
        "name": "frame wall hanger ",
        "url": "",
        "creator": {
          "nick": "3DPrinterFiles"
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