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Cults (hereinafter the "organizing company") registered with the Trade and Companies Register under the number: 81052231800015 whose registered office is located at 19 rue Colonel Bial, 19100 Brive-la-Gaillarde.

Organizes from October 25th, 2020 at noon GMT+1 (Paris) to January 05th, 2021 at midnight GMT+1 (Paris) a free game without obligation of purchase entitled "The 3D printed Bedroom" (hereinafter called the Game), in accordance with the procedures set out in this Regulation.

The Game is organized in collaboration with the company Flashforge, located at No.518 Xianyuan Road, Jinhua, China.


This free game is open to any individual over the age of 18, with access to the internet, a valid e-mail address and an account on the Cults site, without any residency requirement, by excluding personnel of the organizing company and their families, as well as all persons involved in the development of the game.

The game is subject to the regulation of French law applicable to games and contests.

Nevertheless, any minor participant must obtain the prior authorization of one of his parents or his legal guardian to participate in the Game.

The organizing company may ask any minor participant to justify this authorization and, if necessary, to disqualify a participant who can not justify this authorization.
The organizing company reserves the right to designate another winner if an initial winner, if he / she is underaged, is not eligible to win the prize.

The mere fact of participating in this game implies the full and unreserved acceptance of this regulation.


This game takes place exclusively on the platform on the dates indicated in the article 1. The conditions of participation are explained and accessible on this page:

Participation in the game is done by sharing one or more 3D printable 3D models of one or several 3D models related to the bedroom on Cults website. The user must be the original author of the model to participate in the competition (in accordance with Article 3). The contest is not restrictive, the user can participate as many times as he wants by posting several different creations online. However, creations that have already won a Cults contest will not be eligible to win. The selection will be made according to a scoring grid available at this address:

The 3D model is deposited at this address To validate its participation in the contest, the user must mention the hashtag #FLASHFORGECULTS on the page of its creation. By posting this hashtag, the user acknowledges acceptance of these rules of the Game. The models must be shared free of charge and with the CC-BY license. In order to participate, the user must also have a valid e-mail address. Flashforge company will have the right to commercially use all the photos and the 3D models participating in the competition and to 3D print them.


The author of the 3D creation guarantees that by participating in the game, he will not engage in any activity that is illegal or contrary to public order or morality. The author guarantees the companies organizing the contest the peaceful enjoyment of the rights to use the creation under the conditions provided in this regulation against any disturbance, action, claim, opposition or eviction of any third party claiming that the use infringes his rights. Therefore, the author guarantees the organizing companies against the direct or indirect consequences of any claim or claim by third parties claiming to hold rights on the creation provided by the participant in connection with this contest.


Three winners will be nominated within working days following the end of the game.

Winners will be contacted by email via the email they have entered on their Cults platform member profile. Within working days of the designation of the three winners, this email sent by Cults will confirm the nature of the prize won and the modalities to benefit from it. Each winner must provide a valid address. Any winner giving an incorrect or unanswered address within 30 working days of sending a notice of winning will be deemed to forfeit the winner and the prize will be awarded to a new winner.

The winners will be determined according to the score they will receive according to the following grid of analysis:

  • Creativity and beauty of the 3D model: 10 points
  • 3D printing quality: 10 points
  • Photographic staging: 5 points
  • Popularity / number of Likes: 5 points

The jury is composed of Vapour Tu, Product Manager at Flashforge, of Jas Wu, Marketing Officer at Flashforge, of Sunshine designer part of the Cults community and of LiraRock maker part of the Cults community.


The game is endowed with the following prizes, awarded chronologically to the participants declared winners. Each winner wins a single prize.

List of prizes:

For all the prizes, it is the company Flashforge who will be responsible for sending the prizes to the winners. Cults will not be responsible for any problems related to the delivery of these lots. Cults will have the simple obligation to give the names, first names, address and telephone number of the winners to the company Flashforge so that it sends the winning lots as soon as possible.

The organizing company reserves the right to check the age of any winner before handing over the prize. Under no circumstances may endowments be exchanged for their value in cash or any other endowment. The organizing company can not be held responsible for the use or the non-use, or even the trading, of the prizes by the winners. In the event of force majeure, the organizing company reserves the right to replace the prize won by a lot of nature and equivalent value.


The participants authorize verification of their identity. Failure to comply with this Regulation, as well as any fraud or attempted cheating, irrespective of its modalities, will lead to the elimination of the author's participation.


Cults collects and uses personal data pseudo and email address to provide its users with the correct running of the contest. These data will be used to inform the participants by email of the progress of the contest and the result of the contest. At the end of the contest, the 3 winners will be contacted personally and Cults will ask them for their personal information such as name, first name, postal address and telephone number in order to forward these data to the partner so that the partner can send them their gift. These data will be never be sold to any third party.
The user has the right to modify and/or update any personal data held on the Cults website. If the user wishes to have them deleted, or for any questions concerning the protection of personal data, the user should fill in the contact form.