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Victorian Hurricane Lamp

3D model description

I have designed a 3D model of a Victorian style hurricane lamp. It holds a small battery-powered tea light.

It comes in a number of pieces and screws together. Depending on which pieces you use, the lamp can be tall (26cm if you use all the pieces) or shorter with a combination as shown in the gallery. Tea lights used should not exceed 4cm in diameter.
This is part of an experiment for myself to show that Blender can be used for models that require some precision work.
This model was also designed to push my printers further regarding clarity and overhang. None of the pieces require support to print.

3D printing settings

The components for this model will print without support. As the model is quite large, I recommend you print with a low infill. The models shown in my gallery were printed with .1 and .15 infill.
The lampshade is a solid model. You will need to print this with 0 infill and no top or bottom layers. This is a far more efficient method than me providing a hollowed out model and allows you to decide how many perimeters you want to use. The lampshade is designed to fit snugly around the light holder, so may require a little twisting to get in place.
How it fits together is demonstrated in the gallery. You will need to use the light holder with the castle regardless of whether you print and use the shade, otherwise your light will not be held securely.
Please do not use anything more powerful than an LED tea light in this model! Please.


British techie (now 3D artist and designer) living in Texas since 2013. Owner of various open source printers. Love of assemblies, automata and support free models.




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