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Toothpick Dispenser

3D model description

This is another one for the countertop challenge. Now you can print out a nice toothpick dispenser with a nice old-timey feel for your kitchen. Pull the top up, and the toothpicks present themselves for use!

3D printing settings

Printing: Print out all pieces with 10% infill and 2 shells. No pieces need support, but we recommend using helper disks on the larger flat objects to prevent warping.

Assembly: You will want to be very careful removing the inner holder from the build plate, and then you'll want to barely sand down the outer diameter of the lower part of the inner holder to get a nice fit with the cup. After the inner holder in fitted, insert it into the cup all the way, then place the lid over the rod of the inner holder so it is flush on the cup. Next apply super glue around the hole in the lid to fasten it to the inner holder. Put a little extra glue on the remaining exposed portion of the inner holder and on the lid around it. Then place the ball top on the remaining exposed portion of the inner holder. Wait for glue to dry and fill with toothpicks.





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