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skaterbench 1.0

3D model description

I haven't used my skateboard for a few years now, but it still brings up some good memories of nice summers, hanging around with friends. I felt like this nice collection of memories shouldn't be stored somewhere in the back of the garage. So I decided to give it a more prominent place in the house: A nice little bench for the living room.
I designed some connection pieces that can be mounted just like the normal trucks of a skateboard would be. Instead of wheels you can now put in some standard broomsticks, and in no time you have a nice little bench.
For me this was also a test to see how strong the printable pieces could be. And I think it did just fine: I can stand on it with my full weight (about 70kg) no problem at all!
Many of my friends of all sizes and weights have been sitting on it, and they were all surprised of how solid it felt.

3D printing settings

Printed the connection piece in PLA on a 1st gen Ultimaker.
shell 1,2 mm
fill 90%
takes about 8 hours to print one piece.

The printed piece can be mounted to the skateboard with the same bolts and nuts as the skateboard trucks.

I bought some standard broomsticks (diameter 23mm) and cut them on a length of 35cm. The bench is a little lower than a standard chair, but it's still comfortable.
There are some holes in the printed piece to fix each of the legs with a simple screw.

Oh, and it's better to take of the grip tape of your skateboard. Otherwise it could mess up your delicate clothing.





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Hi I'm a french journalist and I would like to ask you few questions about your skatebench. How should I contact you ? @natharchi