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3D model description

Lamp shades are inspired by visual appearance of heat-sinks visible for example on industrial lamps or nowadays on LED bulbs.

3D printing settings

Design can be produced in any color or size and has wide variety of possibilities thanks to 3D printing technology. It opens doors also to customization to fit in any socket, bulb or any other specification by customer.

Lamp shades are designed to be printed out of PLA material using FDM 3D printer. While designing this shades I have taken in account the technology and way how the object is printed. Trying to avoid any support material and use as less material as possible to build firm structure but also big enough in short print time.

Lampshades has been developed in collaboration with -

Shade is designed to work with IKEA cord set SEKOND:


Martin Žampach, award winning designer concentrates his work around Product/Industrial Design, with much of the emphasis being focused on glass design for own collection and also various Czech and foreign clients. In last couple of years he devote time to study 3D printing technologies where he uses it as a powerful tool for developing new products as well as product directly made out of material for 3D printing.

He resides and works in Prague, Czech Republic as Industrial Designer and Creative Director at BE3D printers.



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