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Nissan Leaf Charging Cable Clip

3D model description

There's still a little while to go before the Zheng3 Kickstarter's announced; we're in the video production stage now and hope to get the project out the door and into your retinas anon.

In the meantime, household exigencies require creative solutions, so to the MakerBot! we go with vim, vigor, and aplomb.

We don't countenance cable clutter in this house, young lady, so I put forth this wall-mountable clip specifically designed for the Nissan Leaf's 1.2cm diameter charging cable.

My experiences with our all-electric automotive future are documented at


Seej patient zero. Barbie Armor Designer, artist, worst programmer ever. Mostly illiterate, but has minimal competence in spoken Mandarin. Not real clear on Ohm's law.




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