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Day 20: The tree snowflake

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The legend of "Tornado, reindeer"

You, too, wonder why reindeer helps Santa Claus to distribute all his gifts? To explain this, we must go back to the beginning of the Christmas story, at the time when he distributed gifts only in his small town of Lapland.

In the mountains of Lapland, lived for centuries a family of reindeer as their habits, they traveled long distances in search of food and a place safe from predators to protect their young at the time of the births . As every year, the reindeer were able to protect their young.

But the end of this year did not go as usual. On December 21 the winter, essential to the rhythm of nature, but also essential to life reindeer, was not there. Then the reindeer waited one day, one week, but winter still could not. A rumor then spread in the family, this rumor told that an angel who lived on top of the highest mountain in Lapland, could with his magical trumpet exhausser all kinds of wishes.

That's when Tornado, the fastest reindeer family decided to go with 7 other reindeer in search of this magical angel. After several days of walking, 8 reindeer entered a mysterious cave, led by a dazzling light. That's when the reindeer discovered inside the cave an angel sitting on a rock, composing soft music.

The angel saw the reindeer stopped playing music and asked Storm what he was doing. Tornado replied that he had to see so winter reconsider the regions of Lapland. The angel then explained that in exchange for the winter, 8 reindeer were present here some help Santa Claus to distribute gifts to spread joy to the world throughout their lives.

Tornado after a few minutes of reflection, agreed. Angel grabbed his trumpet. He played, and reindeer then saw the first snowflakes falling. Thanks to the magic of the angel reindeer could now fly. To respect their pact, they went to Santa's house to help him distribute gifts and joy into homes around the world.

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