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Day 14: The snow globe

3D model description

The legend of the Master Verrier

In Italy, there lived a famous master glassmaker who worked only in winter. What's strange you say! This is because his daughter loved this season.

On cold days, wrapped in a heavy coat, she spent her days on the streets of his village. What she loved above all: make fights and snowmen with his friends when the streets were covered with white fluff.

Unfortunately, winter does not last. With the arrival of spring, she kept crying and demand the return of the snow and cold. His father, despite all his efforts, did not seem to appease him.

One day he therefore had the idea of ​​making a glass ball with just a small hole on top. He then fashioned a base on which he pressed a figurine of their house, and then assembled the two pieces together. Then, using a straw, it is filled with water and small white polystyrene balls inside the object. Finally, he closed the small hole in the top with a tear of still liquid glass.

When finished, he went to offer his masterpiece to his daughter. She began to reverse the ball and looked joyfully snow fussing around the small house. This ball was magical for her. From that date, pending the winter became only a gentle and fun time.

3D printing settings

Take a glass. Measure the diameter of its bottom. Put a base (the snow ball) of the diameter. Drag a few Styrofoam balls. Clip on your stand well on the glass.

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