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Download these beautiful 3D files to make your Christmas decoration

Download free 3D printing designs Day 13: The star tree, dagomafr
Download free 3D printer model PANDORO Tealight Candle Holder, HelderSantos
Download free 3D printer model XMAS KIT by be3D, Ysoft_be3D
Download free 3D printing models Day 25: The friction sled, dagomafr
Download 3D printing designs Merry Pixel Christmas!!, Dayoung_Chung
Download free 3D printing files My little Christmas tree, ATOM3dp

For home, offer useful, design and innovative 3D printed objects

Download STL GROWW. the minimal greenhouse, UAUproject
Download STL files Fruterra, VOOOD
Download 3D printer templates LampiON lamp shade, VOOOD
Download free 3D printing templates 3D Printed Stool, Adafruit
Download STL RIBONE STRAIGHT, martin_zampach

Make the children happy by printing the STL files of these toys

Download STL file Low Poly Mazinger Z, biglildesign
Download free STL file Tintin and Snowy, reddadsteve
Download free 3D model Aircraft, _MSA_
Download 3D printer designs Jointed Doll "Lantea", Shira
Download free 3D print files Flying Helicopter Toy, 3DBROOKLYN

Girls or boys, these 3D models will inevitably appeal your geek friends

Download 3D printer designs Macaron Deer Case, Shiqi
Download free STL files Star Trek Communicator, Adafruit
Download 3D printer files ARDUINO UNO PORTABLE LAB CASE, HelderSantos
Download free 3D printing designs Low-Poly Toy, flowalistik
Download free 3D model 3D Printed Exoskeleton Hands, 3DPrintIt
Download free 3D printing models  Step Box Step (mini tool box), DENOVATOR

Celebrate Christmas with style thanks to these 3D prints

Download free 3D model Sunglasses, cirion
Download 3D printer files Waves necklace , MEdesign
Download free 3D printer templates Fancy Bow Tie Version 2.0, BonGarcon
Download 3D printer model Tattoo Machine, wayofthinking
Download 3D printer files Deer Ring, FORMBYTE
Download 3D printer files Roshe run, TheWell

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