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Best STL files for 3D printer • July 2019

20190724_140720_resized.jpg Download STL file Infinity Shell • 3D printable object, extreme3dprint
boat6-square.png Download free STL file Container Ship • 3D printing design, AlexT1
DSC03201.jpg Download STL file "Pirate and His Rat" - An Eastman Original • 3D printable template, eastman
t08-1920x1280.jpg Download free STL file Flying Sea Turtle • 3D printing model, Amao
1000X1000-44246276-10212639957105908-4797718455224631296-n.jpg Download STL file Zombie Hand • 3D print design, FotisMint
20190723_160336.gif Download STL file Firelord Lamp - Ragnaros • 3D printing design, 3D-mon

Best 3D print files • June 2019

IMG_1888.JPG Download STL file Godzilla! No Supports! • 3D printer model, ChaosCoreTech
DSC_6027_conv_sqr.JPG Download OBJ file Vitruvian Host  (Westworld) • 3D print template, fhuable
11.jpg Download OBJ file Orangutan "Deep in Thought" Bust • Design to 3D print, tolgaaxu
iPhone Mount (Super Small).gif Download free STL file Mechanical Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand • 3D printable object, arron_mollet22
IMG_20200804_182211.jpg Download STL file Tooth vase  • 3D printer model, happens
Untitled-1.jpg Download OBJ file INVISIBALL • Design to 3D print, extreme3dprint

Best STL files for 3D printer • May 2019

1.jpg Download STL file Detective Pikachu • 3D printer design, emanuelsko
Thanos Sword (14).jpg Download STL file Thanos sword | Avengers Endgame • 3D printable design, Odrivous
1.jpg Download free STL file Kenobi Lightsaber • 3D printer model, DanielJosvai
20190502_175301.gif Download STL file XDSR Rubber Band Gun • 3D printable object, WW3D
IMG_20190427_185905_931.jpg Download free STL file Brain Planter • 3D print template, DrFemPop
Vignette_ND_Patina_00002.jpg Download free STL file Dragon and Notre Dame. • 3D printing design, Alphonse_Marcel

Best 3D models for 3D printer • April 2019

flame-got-gif.gif Download OBJ file Dragon GoT Lamp • 3D printing design, 3D-mon
fullsizeoutput_3087.jpeg Download STL file Printable A320 Throttle Quadrant • 3D print design, radisce
2019-04-07 13.33.41-1.jpg Download STL file PREMIUM N Scale Painted Ladies of San Francisco • Object to 3D print, MFouillard
Cover.gif Download OBJ file Night King Bust - Game of Thrones • 3D print model, tolgaaxu
Cults Lampe Pixel Heliox.jpg Download free STL file The Animated Pixel Lamp • 3D printer object, Heliox
10fb15c77258a991b0028080a64fb42d_display_large.jpg Download free STL file Cogsworth - Beauty and the Beast • 3D printer design, ChaosCoreTech

Best STL files for 3D printer • March 2019

09.jpg Download STL file MECHDONALDS // Guardian of the Fries • 3D printer design, 3DWORKBENCH
5c893324c946a226900833.gif Download STL file WW3D 1911R Rubber Band Gun • 3D printable design, WW3D
e6943db625854bccaa1d7a781d0136b6_display_large.jpg Download free STL file Motorized STARWARS AT - AT • Object to 3D print, Rio31
DSC00034.JPG Download STL file ICOSALIGHT • 3D printable model, JeremyBarbazaStudio
IMG_7082.JPG Download STL file Gorilla piggy bank • Template to 3D print, Imagin
Baby02.jpg Download free STL file Pilot Baby - 3D Printable Vintage RC Sports Model Reproduction. • 3D printing model, tahustvedt

Best models for 3D printers • February 2019

Robot_Pince_Vignette_Full_C_Ret.jpg Download STL file Steampunk robot. • 3D print model, Alphonse_Marcel
20190219_144156.jpg Download STL file Headphone retractor dog • 3D printable design, Cocoverte
Napoleon_Infantery_GAV_Vignette_Full_01.jpg Download STL file Napoleon Infantery • Model to 3D print, Alphonse_Marcel
Castle.jpg Download OBJ file The Five Tower Hall • 3D printable template, tolgaaxu
20190220_150839.jpg Download free STL file My gremlin • 3D print model, alexfaiad
view3.jpg Download STL file 300 spartan helmet replica 3D print model • 3D print model, IvanVolobuev

Use this page to discover and download quality STL files for 3D printer. Every month we publish our favorite selection of our six best 3D models.

To appear in this part of Cults, you have to propose an original design, a beautiful photo of your 3D printed object and it is also important that the 3D model has already engaged the community (number of downloads, views, likes...).

In addition, if the 3D object is perfectly optimized for 3D printing this is a even better! It is necessary to allow the makers to download STL files which can be 3D printed with a minimum of supports, the least material possible, avoiding some holes' problems...

If you want to propose your creations within this selection, do not hesitate to upload your 3D files here.

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