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Best 3D models for 3D printer • December 2019

Download free STL Mazda RX7 Wankel Rotary Engine 13B-REW - Working Model, 3D_Printed_Engines
Download 3D printer model Baby Yoda Using the Force - With Cup - PACK - The Mandalorian, MarianoReyEsculturas
Download free 3D printing models Polar Bear with Seal (automata) , Amao
Download free 3D printer designs Tesla Cybertruck, auralgasm
Download 3D printing models The Business Card Embosser System, Filar3D
Download 3D printing designs Thangar (Thanos Gengar), WONGLK519

Best templates for 3D printer • November 2019

Download 3D printer designs Dragon Chess! Dragon Overlord (The King), loubie
Download 3D printer designs 4 cylinder engine model, HK_Adler
Download free 3D printer designs Venom Mask, Mikeyup
Download free 3D print files 'Breathless' Skullpture High-Resolution 2M, extreme3dprint
Download free 3D printing files Keychain "Flip-it!" - Nano Pinball :), serial_print3r
Download STL Gothic box, Alphonse_Marcel

Best things to do with a 3D printer • October 2019

Download 3D model 7-Segments, fhuable
Download 3D printing files HUBBLE space telescope, theamphioxus
Download 3D printing templates Moulinsart Tintin, mouset74
Download 3D printing templates SPIDERMAN SKULL, FRANCESCOPION
Download free 3D print files Catbus(My Neighbor Totoro), PatrickFanart
Download 3D printing templates ARTICULATED SPACE DEFENDER (Not Astro Megazord) - NO SUPPORT, Toymakr3D

Best objects to 3D print • September 2019

Download free 3D printing files Ironman 5-color figurine for mulltimaterial printing, helisud
Download STL Moving Gears Steampunk RPG Dice Box, Giandroid
Download free 3D printer templates Bag clips, 3D_World
Download 3D printer designs RC Flying wing - Eclipson EBW-160, Eclipson
Download 3D printing files Wood chopper whirigig windmill, bobp
Download 3D printer designs Captain America with Mjolnir from Avengers Endgame, 3DPrintGeneral

Best templates for 3D printer • August 2019

Download free 3D printer files Sprout - Self-Watering Desktop Planter for small plants and succulents, ThatJoshGuy
Download free 3D printer templates TT Furious, mcmaven
Download free 3D printing templates Golum bust, from Lord Of The Rings, LSMiniatures
Download 3D model Articulated Poseable Male Figure, RikkTheGaijin
Download STL files Naruto and Kurama, ThunderToy
Download free 3D printing designs Columbus caravel Nina (1492), tomast

Best STL files for 3D printer • July 2019

Download 3D print files Infinity Shell, extreme3dprint
Download free 3D printer designs Container Ship, AlexT1
Download 3D printer templates "Pirate and His Rat" - An Eastman Original, eastman
Download free 3D print files Flying Sea Turtle, Amao
Download STL files Zombie Hand, FotisMint
Download STL files Firelord Lamp - Ragnaros, 3D-mon

Use this page to discover and download quality STL files for 3D printer. Every month we publish our favorite selection of our six best 3D models.

To appear in this part of Cults, you have to propose an original design, a beautiful photo of your 3D printed object and it is also important that the 3D model has already engaged the community (number of downloads, views, likes...).

In addition, if the 3D object is perfectly optimized for 3D printing this is a even better! It is necessary to allow the makers to download STL files which can be 3D printed with a minimum of supports, the least material possible, avoiding some holes' problems...

If you want to propose your creations within this selection, do not hesitate to upload your 3D files here.

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