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Best 3D print files - December 2018

3D print files The Creation of Adam, Snorri
STL DIY Rick and Morty flying car with LED lights!!, OneIdMONstr
3D print model Marble Run Blocks - Medieval Castle pack, Wabby
3D printer models Quick Christmas gift - "Handy" - desk organizer, euroreprap_eu
3D printing model Watch Winder / Remontoir Montre, NedalLive
STL files Moisture absorber, clemgerm

Best STL files - Selection of November 2018

STL files SMARS V4, Tuitxy
Free 3D printer model Stan Lee Memorial , Geoffro
Free STL file Nut & walnut cracker [My grandma design], 3d-dragar
3D printer models Marble Run Blocks - Starter pack, Wabby
Free 3D print files The Fabled Hare (A 3D Printed Ball-jointed Doll), loubie
3D print files Ion Titan, groover_92

Best 3D printer files - October 2018

Free 3D model Buzz Lightyear - Multi Color Print, ChaosCoreTech
STL files Batman signal LED tea light, printingotb
Free 3D printer files Connect 4 Travel, 3DME
Free STL file DIY DeLorean Time Machine with lights!!, OneIdMONstr
Free 3D printer files Chateau Disneyland Paris with Prusa MK2S MMU (Ed2), Rio31

Best STL files - Selection of September 2018

3D print model 6vases5, UAUproject
3D printer files Rocko Rockos Modern Life, taiced3d
Free 3D printer model Le Voyage dans la Lune - A Trip to the Moon - Georges Méliès, Snorri
Free STL file pantheon, kimjh
Free STL Jabba the Hutt (Small & Life Size), MightyJabba
STL Champagne and wine glass holder, ffmicka

Best blueprints 3D 2018 - August selection

3D printing model Moose, iradj3d
Free STL Industrial Worm Gearbox / Gear Reducer (Cutaway version), LarsRb
Free 3D model Grout, Groot's borther, Polysculpt
3D printing model Magic toothpick dispenser, ffmicka
3D print model IRON LAMP - 3D Printed Desk Lamp, lupus3d
3D print files Spinshaker [salt&pepper], FrancescoRodighiero

Best 3d print files - July 2018

3D printer files Hacha Leviathan de kratos / Kratos Leviathan Axe, from GOD OF WAR, MLBdesign
Free 3D model The Nozzle Hanger, Filar3D
Free STL file Gandalf, 3DJourney
Free STL Wall Organizer, 3DBROOKLYN
Free STL files Tripod smartphone, NOP21
Free 3D printer designs CactusHotel, XoGuSi

Best 3d models 2018 - June selection

3D print files Low Poly Great Mazinger, biglildesign
3D print model Spiraling Aqueduct, kijai
3D print files Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty., dukedoks
Free 3D printer designs FASETT, antoine_taillandier_studio
Free 3D printer designs Pop up square basket, PatternToPrint
STL files Cat house Tao, Catalpine

Best 3d printer models - May 2018

STL file Tripod for planting in a jam pot, Jonathan-AtelierVOUS
3D print files WW2 u-boot, MaoCasella
3D printing model Articulated Power Robot Not Dino Megazord No Support, Reza_Aulia
Free 3D print files Predator Action Pliers, ecoiras
Free 3D printer files figure no support, kimjh
STL file 3D printed house - log cabin - cottage, euroreprap_eu

Best STL files - April 2018

STL files Roly Polly auxiliary lamp, clemgerm
Free 3D model Duck Headphone Hanger, Toshi_TNE
Free 3D printer model Han Solo Bust, Toshi_TNE
Free 3D model Bird Temple, Job
Free STL Dodge Challenger Bodie for OpenZ 1:28 RC Chassis V3b, guaro3d
Free 3D printer files Robot Family Simple No Support, Reza_Aulia

Best 3D printer files - March 2018

3D printing model Schrodinky: British Shorthair Cat in a Box – 3D Printable, Multi Part Model - MULTI EXTRUSION PACKAGE, loubie
Free STL file Outlet Cellphone Holder, phobosmoon
Free STL Winnie the Pooh, reddadsteve
Free 3D model Concrete Planters Mold, dukedoks
Free 3D printer model Diorama Mortal Kombat, emanuelsko
Free STL files Massive Iron Giant and Hogarth, ChaosCoreTech

Best STL files - February 2018

Free STL files Chomper (Plants Vs Zombies), ChaosCoreTech
3D print files little Blue, Donegal3D
3D print model Hanging vase top to fix on a glass jar, Jonathan-AtelierVOUS
3D printing model toothpaste, iradj3d
Free 3D print files link, antoine_taillandier_studio
3D printing model Tiger head lowpoly, iradj3d

Best STL files - January 2018 Selection

Free STL briCkAM, antoine_taillandier_studio
STL T.B (Thug Bot), LaruanLab
3D printer files MARILYN, svdv
Free 3D printer model Full Armor Tank, cycstudio
Free 3D model Howl's Moving Castle, mag-net
STL Sky Island, kijai

Use this page to discover and download quality STL files for 3D printer. Every month we publish our favorite selection of our six best 3D models.

To appear in this part of Cults, you have to propose an original design, a beautiful photo of your 3D printed object and it is also important that the 3D model has already engaged the community (number of downloads, views, likes...).

In addition, if the 3D object is perfectly optimized for 3D printing this is a even better! It is necessary to allow the makers to download STL files which can be 3D printed with a minimum of supports, the least material possible, avoiding some holes' problems...

If you want to propose your creations within this selection, do not hesitate to upload your 3D files here.

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