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STL files for DIY and repair.

3D files for hobbies and passions

3D models useful for the office and work

3D printer files for all gastronomes


On the occasion of Father's Day this year, Cults in partnership with [Dagoma](, has concocted a selection of the best free and paid STL files to please daddy makers.

In this selection, you will find a whole collection of 3D models, 100% printable in 3D, for DIY, for hobbies, for the office or for the kitchen. How does it work? Simply download your favorite 3D objects and then send them to your slicer to prepare them for 3D printing and launch your machine.

If you or your father are not yet equipped with a 3D printer go to Dagoma to buy a cheap and qualitative 3D printer for less than 600 dollars.

Alternatively, you can also go through the online 3D printing services that are located at the end of the download route on Cults.

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