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Tidas the Tidal Wave

3D model description

Meet Tidas the tidal wave. Tidas is a good friend of Sand-Witch. The great thing about Tidas is, he always brings the swell. When the oceans are flat and your itching to hit the waves, the only person you want to hear from is Tidas. Sometimes Tidas and Sand-Witch collaborate to bring the epic once in a century Deli Storms. These mean storms can be categorized by whipping off shore winds, mega massive glassy waves, and a torrential downpour of sandwich condiments. Grab your broom or your board and hit the surf when Tidas makes an appearance.

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3D printing settings

Very simple stuff here. No supports needed. No clean up needed. Print it out and enjoy. Add it to your collection of Your Wild World prints. We colored in the eyes with a black paint marker.





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