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Starfleet Away Team Playset

3D model description

It's an away mission! They're compatible with those plastic figures you find for cheap in toy stores! It's Star Trek!

I don't usually fanboy out like this, but I've been watching a lot of Star Trek lately (like, all of it.) We've been finding ways to play Wayfarer Tactics (the tabletop rules we're currently Kickstarting) on the cheap, and we turned our attention to to bags of plastic army men, pirates, knights, et cetera that you find in toy stores. All together, along with some 6-sided dice, a couple of decks of playing cards, and some floor space, you can have an awful lot of fun (we call this "$20 Tactics.") I got pretty interested in the idea of making low-res, easy-print models compatible with those kinds of toys, and I figured, hey, why not Star Trek?

Each of these models (aside from the Guardian) takes about 30 minutes to print. I've had mixed results with the support materials, so if any of you are able to make more efficient supports, let me know, and I'd love to try printing/posting your version.

Anyway, enjoy, and live long and prosper and stuff!

(*model shown with Toysmith Soldier, Skeleton, and Pirate for scale reference.)

3D printing settings

Printed mine with support and raft at a .2 layer height with 0% infill.





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