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Pocket-Tactics: The Lost Agency (Series 1)

3D model description

Banding together to face and defeat the city-god Tartarus, these unlikely allies from different worlds formed the Lost Agency, a trans-universal network of troubleshooters for hire.

These Mercenary units may be added to an existing force, used to replace units of an equal cost, or you can use them in freely sonstructed custom sets. Use them as part of a sideboard (usually 75 points) to supplement your force during tournament play.

This is an expansion for Ill Gotten Games' 3D print-and-play game, Pocket-Tactics. You can find and download the core rules PDF here:

Aside from the OmniSphere, hese designs are going to be tough to print without a resin printer or (possibly) a deft use of support material (the ones that are shown were ordered from Shapeways) but I'd like to see what you guys can do.

These guys are available on the Tabletop Simulator Steam Workshops and you can get that for free (like everything else) here:

These characters are pulled from the pages of our tabletop RPG, Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder. You can read more about our game here: and copies (both physical and digital) are available in our Etsy shop:

Character by Austen Zaleski





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