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3D model description

After seeing a lot of movable hands and figurines, I decided to have a go at it myself. The problem was that most of them needed assembly after printing, I wanted something that would be able to print already assembled. It's a tricky print in PLA and needs full support, and it takes me about a hour to clean up so I don't know if I really succeeded. But you can always order one here to support me a bit and have a nice clean print made by professionals :o)

3D printing settings

To have a successful print you need to check in your slicer if you see support tool paths inside the ball joint of the head. I used lines for the support type starting at a angle of 10 deg. and with a fill of 40%.

For the rest pretty standard, top, bottom and shell at 0.5mm and steps of 0.1mm for the height with a infill of 30%.

All the parts are a bit hollow here and there so I could push down the price a bit on Shapeways, I will try and improve that depending on strength.





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