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Devil Horns

3D model description

Another fun print just in time for Halloween. This design includes a printable head band, horn adapters and some devil horns. I designed it so you could make something other than devil horns and still use the head band. Included in the files is a PDF showing how to design the holes to accept the adapters. They have a taper and can be pressed into whatever you want to stick on your noggin. Antlers? Mouse Ears? Use your imagination.

3D printing settings

The parts were printed on a BQ Witbox using the PRINTinZ Zebra Plate. (
The band pictured in this posting was printed as shown in the photo without failing, but in case you are unfortunate enough not to have a Zebra Plate, I went back into the head band and added some brim right at the very tips guessing that if it's going to come loose, that's where it will be.

If you design a different attachment, use the included PDF drawing to design the hole to mate with the adapter. It has a 2 degree taper and can be pressed together with the adapter.

There are more pictures if you watch this short video:


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