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MCon system

by UCAD • 7 designs

A modular construction system based on ball and socket joints carefully optimized for 3D printing in numerous iterations.

  • Variable and individually fixable angles and lengths

  • Allows the production of individually adaptable structures

  • Optimized for 3D-printed components and inexpensive standard parts (M2/M3 screws, optional: aluminum tubes 12x1 mm and 8x1 mm)

  • "Gooseneck-like" flexibility allows free positioning of mounted devices

  • Connecting elements allow inclination angles of 30° with a rotation angle of 360°, special elements allow inclination angles of up to 105°

  • Friction of the clamping can be steplessly adjusted

  • Struts can be extended to double length and optionally fixed in length

  • Elements allow internal feed-through of cables up to 6 mm diameter