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🔑 Best keychain STL files

Discover in this new collection of 3D templates, all the 3D printer files of keychains

3D printed keychains

On this page you will find a large number of free or paid 3D files to add a little personalized touch to all your keys. These printable STL key ring files will allow you to highlight your passions on your keys in an innovative way.

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Here is our selection of the best STL key ring files, all these beautiful creations are from the Library of 3D files Cults and are perfectly 3D printable.

This collection includes many free and paid 3D files that will allow you to print in 3D at home some great key ring ideas. Every 3D designer of Cults has imagined keychains that can be easily 3D printed and allow you to find your keys easily and at the same time to proclaim your passion loud and clear.

It can be a classic car brand for car keys or a favorite comic book character for house keys. But there are more fun and useful alternatives, such as bottle openers, games to keep your hands busy or small containers to hide money for example. There's even a model that won't let you loose your keys in the water: they'll float!

The best thing about a 3D printed key fob is that if someone asks you what a 3D printed object looks like, just take your keys out of your pocket and show the result. If you print 3D models downloaded from the Cults download platform, feel free to share the result once printed in 3D.

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