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đŸȘ› Best free 3D print models of the best Ikea hacks

Find out in this new 3D models collection all the STL files of Ikea Hacks made with a 3D printer.

STL files of Ikea hacks for 3D printer

An Ikea Hack refers to the diversion of a product from the Swedish furniture chain Ikea. The goal is to give a unique style to an object sold massively, to hijack it in order to improve it or to make another object of it. With 3D printing, DIY enthusiasts still have fun creating STL files of lamps, furniture, pots, decorative objects, etc. inspired by the Ikea brand.

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Discover our selection of the best 3D files for 3D printing related to Ikea. All these STL files are perfectly 3D printable, so just download them, heat up your printer and play with them. This collection was created by selecting the best creations from Cults 3D models library.

The makers are always looking for new ideas to improve their daily life and their environment. As many people have already bought Ikea products for their home, the Ikea Hack movement then appeared and consists in hijacking kit products from the Swedish furniture chain.

You can download in this selection several 3D models of lamps compatible with Ikea sets, 3D printable table legs, parts for shelves, etc.. There are also parts that will allow you to repair your Ikea products. And other 3D printer objects that are completely new and inspired by the products sold in stores.