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♻️ Collection • 3D files for 3D printing to upcycle waste materials

Here is a selection of the best 3D printable STL files for 3D printer to creatively reuse waste materials.

The upcycling consist in recovering materials or products that become useless in order to transform them and to give them a second life. In this context, 3D printing is an excellent tool that let designers concretize their creativity and imagine ingenious uses to objects that would end up in the trash. Check out this best of 3D printer files for upcycling and reuse your daily waste by making new objects from 3D printed parts.

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Discover our selection of the best STL files to recycle. All models in this collection were found on the 3D files library Cults. They are all perfectly optimized for 3D printing.

The 3D printing can sometimes generate a lot of waste. Between calibration 3D prints, printing supports, fails prints and useless objects, you can quickly feel like you're wasting plastic. Of course, this is most of the time corn starch-based recyclable plastic, but still!

We have therefore prepared this selection of Free 3D models to recycle some of the items you would have thrown away. The creativity of the designers 3D will thus allow you to transform your old reels of filament 3D into stool, your old jelly pots in cup, your cork stoppers into toys or your cans of canned food in pots with pencils.

No more limits: turn on your 3D printer, download STL files and start recycling!

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