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👓 Best 3D print files for glasses and sunglasses

Find here a selection of the best glasses 3D models that can be done with a 3D printer.

Download 3D files of glasses

The designers of the Cults community have imagined all kinds of glasses. There are obviously sunglasses and eyeglasses printed in 3D, but you will also find fancy glasses for different events or to make costumes for cosplay!

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Discover our selection of the best 3D files for 3D printers to make vision glasses or sunglasses. All these STL files are easily printable in 3D, so you just have to download them, heat up your 3D printer and then of course add glasses. This collection was made by selecting the best creations from the Cults 3D Object Library.

That's the beauty of 3D printing*, you can make everyday items right at home and they are functional. In this case for the **3D printing eyeglasses, it is now even possible to print the closing mechanism of the temples. In addition to the functional aspect, there is the aesthetic aspect and the great advantage of this 3D technology is the possibility to **personalize your glasses thanks to 3D printing*.

The customization of your glasses includes the possibility to adapt their size to your face and your skull shape, but also to select recycled and recyclable materials such as PLA from bio-plastics. There are also 3D printing materials that can reproduce the look of wood or even bronze!

No need to warn you that you must obviously be very careful with your eyes and that eyeglasses and sunglasses remain medical accessories. It is therefore up to your doctor, ophthalmologist or optician to advise you before using these glasses!

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