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🐴 Best 3D print files for 3D printing of animals

Here is a selection of the best 3D printable STL files for 3D printer to print all kind of animals

Real or imaginary, static or articulated, in high definition or in low poly, here is a collection of animals to 3D print that you're going to love. In this selection, everyday animals (dogs, cats or birds) rub shoulders with wild animals (bears, cheetahs, tigers) and form a surprising menagerie. Hurry up and turn on your 3D printer, choose your best STL file and print colors and let's go! Don't forget to share your best 3D prints photos!

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Discover our selection of the best animal 3D files, all these magnificent creations come from the 3D file library Cults and are perfectly 3D printable.

This collection includes free 3D files of many animals. There are of course domestic animals such as 3D printable dogs or cats or birds. You will also find STL files of wild animals like lions, tigers, turtles...

The 3D designers were overjoyed and brought their creative touch to nature's creations. So there are animal 3D models in low-poly, imaginary animals, articulated creations, in short, enough to satisfy all animal lovers.

3D printing is also an excellent way to treat some injured or sick animals. For example, scientists have recreated a bird beak printed in 3D, or a dog paw.

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